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Onset of Labor (02:52)


The labor nurse acts as the patient's advocate. Prostaglandins are released as the uterus stretches. As the fetus descends, increasing pressure on the cervix triggers more oxytocin. The cervix shortens, thins, and becomes soft and pliable. View factors in labor length.

Labor: Stage One (05:43)

The first stage is divided into latent, active, and transition phases. Hear detailed explanations of each phase, including cervical dilation, fetal station, nursing interventions, and patient physical and mental state.

Labor: Stage Two (04:07)

When the cervix is dilated to ten centimeters, the mother feels an urge to push. Squatting is the best physiological position, but not for women with epidural analgesia. Open glottis pushing promotes fetal oxygenation. If the fetal heart rate drops excessively, the cord is being compressed.

Labor: Stages Three and Four (02:33)

Once delivered, the physician or midwife clears the newborn's nose and mouth. The placenta is usually delivered spontaneously within 5 minutes; after 20 minutes the physician will remove it manually. The fourth stage begins after placenta delivery and lasts 1-2 hours. Both the mother and neonate experience rapid physiological changes.

Credits: Labor and Delivery: Obstetrical Nursing (00:33)

Credits: Labor and Delivery: Obstetrical Nursing

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Labor and Delivery: Obstetrical Nursing

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This video shows the series of physiological events that occur during labor, examines factors that can affect the duration of labor, and looks at the four stages of labor. Explaining the role of the nurse and other healthcare professionals during the stages of labor, it differentiates between closed and open glottis breathing and considers the importance of maternal positioning during labor and birth.

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