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Outsiders in a Spanish Town (04:15)


Borges' tale of two violent brothers is transposed to the Spanish town of Carmona at the turn of the century. The younger brother, Fraiguillo, cheats at a gambling card table. The barkeeper calls for the older brother to break up the fight.

Brothers Find a Beautiful Girl (05:04)

When military authorities arrive to stop the fight, everyone is quiet. The brothers observe a beautiful girl at the well. A narrator tells his companions the story and describes the brothers as brawlers and outsiders.

Sibling Rivalry (04:30)

The brothers are close until the older brother, Rafael, brings a girl home to cook and clean for them. When Rafael violently seduces her, Fraiguillo is jealous.

Traveling Merchant in a Small Spanish Town (02:51)

A traveling merchant angers Fraiguillo when he tries to sell him a shawl for his girlfriend. Rafael buys a dress and necklace for Gracia, the girl he seduced.

Market Day and Flamenco Music (02:40)

Townspeople arrive for market day in the town square. Flamenco music and dance animate the scene.

Jealousy Splits the Brothers (02:56)

Fraiguillo leaves the house rather than watch his brother make love to the girl. Rafael goes to town to look for him or another man to help with the work.

Two Women in the House (04:16)

Fraiguillo returns with a younger girl, Manuela, but he still wants his brother's woman.

Too Many Women for the Brothers (03:15)

A happy domestic scene between the two women is interrupted when Fraiguillo becomes drunk and decides to take his girl, Manuela, back where he found her.

An Owned Woman (05:01)

Rafael goes to a baptism and tells his young brother he can "use" the woman if he wants. Flamenco music and dance entertain the guests at the baptism party while Fraiguillo and Gracia make love.

The Communal Woman (02:49)

The brothers agree to share the same woman. The brothers argue over which of them will go out of town to deliver the goods. At home, Rafael is rough with Gracia, and says, " Now you don't want to be with me?"

Wounded Pride (02:54)

Fraiguillo brings home a dog for Gracia, which angers Rafael. They argue over the money Fraiguillo received for the contract. Fraiguillo fights a man over an insult about his woman.

Macho Bonds Between Men (05:34)

After Gracia tends the wound, Rafael orders her inside, and the brothers talk. They sell her at the brothel, split the money, and get drunk. They are friends once again.

Brothers Visit the Brothel (04:39)

Having sold their shared woman, the brothers go back to their old ways. Each man goes separately to visit the woman at the brothel. They buy her back at twice the price they sold her.

Tension Between Brothers (03:18)

A rider terminates a contract with two brothers and assaults one who is drunk. Rafael angrily beats the dog for not barking. The brothers confront one another when Rafael abuses the woman.

Disposable Woman (02:29)

Rafael decides to kill the woman. The brothers embrace and acknowledge that she won't cause problems between them now.

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“La intrusa”

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This is a story of passion involving two brothers, inseparable in work and play, and a woman who comes between them. Soon all three are trapped in their own hell of jealousy and death. Contains mature themes. An RTVE Production. (Spanish, 61 minutes)

Length: 62 minutes

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Copyright date: ©1993

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