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Secret Circles, Hidden Prayers: Introduction (01:30)


Nikki Maxwell states that many rituals are centered on goals. Anthropology Professor Sabina Magliocco considers why people are drawn to Paganism and Wicca.

Maxwell Family (02:17)

Nikki, Bill, their children, and Dave are a pagan family; seven people live in their house and guests randomly stop buy. The Maxwells reflect on the perception of pagans.

Wiccan Family (02:05)

Wicca is a nature-based religion; Margaret and John Harwoods are witches. They choose to be secretive with their religion to avoid confrontation with others.

Faith Conflict (03:47)

Most of Nikki' Maxwell's altar items are on a personal altar in the back room. Eclectic witch Tiffani Ayres and Nikki reflect on the perception about pagans and their children. Nikki's daughter and her friend explain their concepts of heaven.

Symbol of Faith (02:05)

Sgt. Patrick Stewart's widow Roberta Stewart discusses their faith and Patrick's death in Afghanistan. The VA did not recognize the pentacle as a symbol of faith and therefore did not make his memorial plaque.

Questioning Religion (01:59)

Magliocco discusses women looking for forms of religion that were not dominated by patriarchy. Ayres discusses growing up in a Christian setting; it did not feel right. Nikki practices Paganism because she wants to be authentic.

Working with Nature (02:34)

Magliocco explains the difference between pagan and Wiccan. The Harwoods discuss the spiritual connection with agriculture and animals, practicing ethically, and teaching others.

Spiritual Significance (02:00)

Candle magic is Nikki's form of divination and personal exploration. Stewart explains the meaning of the pentacle and reveals her backyard that Patrick's unit landscaped after his death.

Spiritual Comfort (02:04)

Bill Maxwell and Dave recall hitting a pedestrian on the freeway; he died on impact. Friends helped Bill cope with the tragedy. Dave describes what he is looking for in a religion.

Religious Freedom (02:39)

Ayers prays at her altar. Stewart won the fight to have the pentacle placed on Patrick's memorial plaque. The Maxwell family prays before a meal.

Credits: Secret Circles, Hidden Prayers (01:34)

Credits: Secret Circles, Hidden Prayers

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This video follows a cross-section of Americans who consider themselves Neo-Pagans. In a country where there is a Judeo-Christian paradigm firmly in place, the cost of deviation can be social alienation, and a need for secrecy. At odds with the mainstream, four modern Pagan families reinterpret spirituality outside the conventional American context and reveal why they've been hesitant to 'come out of the broom closet'. In the movie, a solitary practicing Wiccan, or 'witch' talks about her childhood growing up as a Christian and what led her to Wicca. A Pagan family addresses issues and fears they have raising children under their faith. And a Nevada war widow fights to get her husband's religious emblem recognized by the Veteran's Administration.

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