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Satanism: Introduction (02:10)


A priest claims to have defeated the devil. Manuel Seral Coca describes how Satanism was first documented during the Spanish Inquisition. Today there are written manuals describing how to practice Satanism.

Medieval Spain (02:00)

The priests of the Inquisition thought Moor and Jewish blood impure and mistrusted converts. Battles between good and evil are the most gruesome. Women were considered one of the greatest tools to sway men to the devil.

"The Garden of Earthly Delights" (02:46)

Francisco Goya and Hieronymus Bosch painted mankind reveling in his baser instincts. After the inquisition, Satanists became organized. Because women were a oppressed, they gravitated to a natural cult where they could become priestesses.

Anonymity Required (02:31)

Manuel Carballal has infiltrated many Satanic sects. In the Canary Islands, members receive a book written in blood that contains blasphemous imagery and writings. Listen to Pan Daemon Aeon perform "From the Cradle to the Enslave."

Killed by a Religious Fanatic (02:07)

John Lennon was shot outside the Dakota building where Aleister Crowley formed a Satanic cult. Jose M. Gonzalez describes how rock music is uncensored and all opinions can be expressed. There are 13 churches of Satan in Spain.

Barcelona and Satanism (02:00)

Gabriel Lopez de Rojas attests that the architecture is latent with Satanic references. The dollar bill reflects the connection between Masonry and the Illuminati. Antoni Guadi's architecture includes Satanic details such as five pointed stars.

Popular Organization (02:30)

Carballal describes how the Illuminato Order is one of the largest Satanic organizations in Spain and defines itself as a Masonic/Satanic lodge. A spokesman for the regional police explains that it is difficult to track the lodge's activities. Read newspaper headlines about demonic cults in Europe.

Monographic Book Written in Spain (03:39)

After Carballal's book was published, journalists were asked to assist in police and private detective cases. Satanic cults have spread in Spain qualitatively and can appeal to members of a higher social status. Watch parishioners speak in tongues to expel the devil from their bodies.

Baptism (02:11)

Watch as parishioners worship in a church while being purified. One speaks in tongues and others cry as they try to expel the devil from their bodies.

Satanism Popularity High Leading Up to the Millennium (03:19)

Josep Guijarro explains the Spanish Constitution allows freedom of religion, but not if a sect hurts its members or other communities. Satanic priests encourage members to come up to the alter during a ritual to be penetrated. In 2001, the film crew discovered an initiation ritual would be performed— they decide to film the proceedings with two hidden cameras.

Initiation Ritual (02:15)

The acolytes invoke Lucifer within a magical circle. The novice enters and performs a test of bravery by placing two daggers up his nose. The acolytes cover him with a shroud so he can consult with the devil.

Satanic Rituals (03:30)

Guijarro describes how a baby was bought on the black market to sacrifice to Satan. Angel Gordon witnessed the killing of a child and recounts another ritual where Carmina Burana played. Over 200 people attended and danced convulsively.

Advice and Information on Sects (AIS) (03:19)

Maria R. Boladera believes in freedom of religion but not at the harm of others. An ex-satanist describes how he became too involved in his sect. A women performs a sexual ritual with animal blood and a sword.

Human Sacrifice (03:04)

Guijarro explains sexual and criminal practices of the Daughters of Beelzebub in Valencia, Spain. Carballal describes a ritual where a six month old baby boy was sacrificed. His parents were paid $5,000.

Why People Do Not Leave (02:35)

Jose M. Jansa, a cult expert, believes fear and guilt keep members participating in rituals. Boladera describes how Satanism has reemerged in Spain after the 1992 convention. A man is cut and marked for purification— a chicken is sacrificed to keep a bride pure.

Satan Can be Anywhere (02:42)

A man cuts his head and pours blood from sacrificed animals into his wounds. A man participates in a ritual to be protected from the Devil. Stigmatas spontaneously mimic the wounds of Christ and occur under severe tragedy or duress.

Demonic Possession (03:31)

Angeles Bertolin exorcises demonic beings from victims. A priest expels demons from a woman while his parishioners watch. She is declared redeemed.

The Devil Among Us (04:10)

Father Pere Sunyer describes that while infrequent, exorcisms do occur in the Catholic Church. He remembers a possession of a young girl very similar to "The Exorcist." He feels details were exaggerated in the movie, but the girl did exhibit changes in voice, behavior, and facial expression. The devil is intelligent, destructive, and lies.

Credits: Satanism (01:25)

Credits: Satanism

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The end of the millennium crisis brought about many apocalyptic messengers that openly displayed their worship of forces classified as occult or dark before public opinion. But this type of cult has always existed. This documentary will revise the beliefs linked with Satanism. It also focuses our attention on sinister cases that occurred lately in which the cult of devil is related to violent crime. People who have escaped from satanic sects will offer also viewers impressive evidence on the existence of Satanism in the world today.

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