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Inside ISIS (02:39)


In Fallujah masked men with black flags ride through the city streets. Sunni men are forced to go to a mosque to confess their sins and afterward receive a kiss from an ISIS member. Sala Hadin-al Byati lives in Switzerland with his Sunni wife and Kurdish mother and believes ISIS members are full of hatred.

Presenting Fighters from All Over the World (02:39)

In a ritual, soldiers destroy their passports and attest to an Islamic empire. ISIS's goal is a Caliphate to Allepo, but the free Syrian Army stops them outside of Allepo. Anwar Mohammed was tortured by ISIS and offered money to join their cause— he refused.

Well-Armed Troops (03:39)

A government official is executed for being recorded on a watch list. A 400 page ISIS annual report accounts for 7681 attacks in 2013— Jessica Lewis believes it might be a tool to elicit donors or a recruiting strategy. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi leads the terrorist organization and clashes with Bin Laden's successor.

Credits: Inside ISIS (00:08)

Credits: Inside ISIS

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Inside ISIS

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ISIS have become a dynamic presence online. By looking at one of their campaign videos designed to disseminate their radical manifesto, this report offers a chilling insight into a markedly 21st century insurgency.

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