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Dangerous Criminal (02:50)


Abderrozak Benarabe, was convicted of shootings, stabbings, mutilation, drug trafficking, and more. Journalist and filmmaker Nagieb Khaja follows his journey to Syria.

Strengthening Resolve (03:34)

After Benarabe's brother was diagnosed with cancer, he decides to go to Syria with a fellow Danish jihadi; he chooses an Islamic group linked to Al-Qaeda. After illegally crossing into Syria, the group's district commander and deputy take Benarabe to a bombing site.

Short on Weapons (03:47)

The rebels share supposed evidence of torture acts committed by the regime. Benarabe joins the group at the front line but is unarmed.

Enemy Base (03:26)

The rebel group surrounds a government army base where soldiers are trapped without supply but equipped with tanks and backed by air support. The youngest local fighters appear to be less than 16-years-old.

Front Line Sniper (02:58)

A sniper shoots a fighter in the face outside the government base; two more fighters are hit. The rebel group retreats and the man with the face wound dies.

Leveled City (02:36)

The rebel army discusses their risky position. The government army constantly pounds the surrounding houses with gunfire but the most dangerous and feared risk is aerial bombing.

Fury and Conditions (02:22)

Benarabe witnessed a young fighter killed by a mortar grenade. He fights for a few more days before the commander orders him back to Denmark to gather funds and equipment.

Back in Copenhagen (02:38)

Benarabe recently began trying to build a relationship with his 14-year-old daughter. Benarabe receives a phone call while they spend time together.

Transporting Contraband (02:36)

Benarabe gathers supplies to take back to Syria. He listens to a Jihad recording by Anwar al-Awlaki. Benarabe is careful to obscure the contraband in front of the filmmaker's cameras.

Clearing the Border (03:03)

At the Turkish border, officials pull out Benarabe's bags and question him. They neglect to fully search him and he makes his way into Turkey. Benarabe runs from an aggravated assault charge and ends up in jail in Copenhagen.

Credits: European Jihadi (00:21)

Credits: European Jihadi

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From the streets of Copenhagen to the Syrian frontline, witness the gangster and drug dealer Abderrozak Benarabe's brutal jihad experience as he is smuggled across borders to battle the Assad regime.

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