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Allan Baldwin Overview (03:54)


In 1967, an amateur photographer from Hastings set out to photograph Maori women with traditional facial tattoos.

First Moko Sighting (04:36)

Baldwin recalls taking his caravan out on weekends. He came across a Maori woman with facial tattoos by accident and asked to photograph her. Village elders deliberated whether it was appropriate.

First Photographs (02:06)

View a montage of Maori women with mokos. Baldwin's project spread by word of mouth and he found willing subjects.

A Well Meaning Pakeha (02:43)

Hokimoana Te Rika Hekerangi and her mother did not speak English and distrusted Europeans. She describes Baldwin's humble, culturally sensitive approach during their portrait session. She wears her mother's moko and hopes her children will keep the tradition alive.

Maori Matriarch (05:19)

Baldwin recalls asking to photograph Ngaa's moko. Te Warena Taua describes his grandmother's character and habits; she spoke to ancestors and smoked Havelock tobacco.

Ties to New Zealand's Royalty (04:28)

Baldwin shares Ngaa's story of caring for the Maori king's children. She died when Queen Te Ata-i-rangi-kaahu left to visit the Queen of England.

Befriending Subjects (03:56)

Baldwin describes photographing a woman fishing on the beach; he often drove her home from town. James Rickard recalls her landing a stingray during a competition.

Reclaiming Maori Land (05:24)

Rickard and Baldwin recall a woman negotiating to return an airfield to the local community. View Baldwin's photographs of her. Rickard discusses resistance to modernization among older Maori people.

Maori Master Carver (03:44)

Baldwin convinced a craftsman to let him photograph his work, including sculptures and meeting houses. The carver was also on New Zealand's national rugby team and fluent in Maori and pakeha.

Whakairo (03:04)

Rickard compares photography to traditional Maori carving. Baldwin recalls a master carver he photographed.

Sharing With the Next Generation (03:06)

Baldwin shows slides of his work to a group of young children. He has given prints to the families of each Maori woman he has photographed.

Pakeha With a Camera (02:47)

Baldwin recalls gaining trust among his subjects. One woman worried that being photographed would fade her moko.

Joyful Reunion (03:18)

Hokimoana Te Rika Hekerangi visits Baldwin; they reminisce about photography sessions and she updates him on her family.

Kuia Montage (01:49)

View a series of Baldwin's images of Maori women and their family members.

Credits: Allan Baldwin: In Frame (01:36)

Credits: Allan Baldwin: In Frame

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Through one incredible journey this doc immerses us in the Maori world in a way very few ethnographic explorations manage. In the 60s Allan, a young photographer, traveled through Aotearoa, obsessed with preserving the image of the moko, a Maori tattoo put on the chins of the Kuia women. Uncovering this breathtaking collection of photographs and his memories, the wisdom and beauty of an ancient culture is uniquely captured.

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