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Gospel According to Mark (03:05)


Jesus heals a blind man. When he sees people for the first time, he proclaims they are "trees that walk." A woodsman sharpens his ax and chops a hole into a log. (Credits)

Woodcutter: Day in the Life (03:22)

Two men wake up in the morning, make coffee, wonder where the key to the woodshed is, and head to work. They chop down trees for the logging industry.

After Work (02:02)

Woodcutters discuss their axes while drinking beer. Davide Baiocco sharpened his ax in preparation for entering a woodcutting competition tomorrow afternoon. At the competition, a woman gives a benediction.

Competition (03:02)

Contestants drag logs using their axes as levers. Patrizio Giacomelli earns first place. Baiocco beats another participant in the fastest wood chop.

Substance and Beauty (04:45)

A tree is always elegant, even as it is chopped down. Trees transform into houses, boats, guitar, and other goods. At a factory, a carpenter instructs an apprentice on carving wood while the team works on various assignments.

After Work at the Factory (02:17)

Carpenters reflect on the day's work and try to schedule rides. A team discusses Ermino's progress at the factory.

Model Man (05:12)

A man builds a wooden box in his workshop to house a wooden motorcycle model. He later receives a working version of it and turns it on.

Building Musical Instruments (02:48)

While contemporaries laughed at Noah's desire to build the ark it turned into a life vest for humanity. Gabriele Mirabassi and Gian Maria Testa travel to theaters performing music and stories about Don Quixote. Mirabassi visits the Patricola Brother's factory.

Patricola Brother's Factory (02:52)

Mirabassi plays the clarinet outside the workshop. Musical instruments need to be broken in by their owners. The owners describe how they build an instrument very slowly so the wood does not realize it is being manipulated.

Carving Sculptures (04:29)

A woodworker describes what he looks for in a tree. Initially, he carved crucifixes but recently started making sculptures of Christ as well. Augusto Murer used to feel guilty about cutting down trees for his sculptures.

Giving Back (03:20)

Books teach a memory. Avid readers should plant trees to make up for the amount of paper they have purchased. A musician plays a rare violin.

Boat Making (04:47)

A bulldozer removes a tree. Some trees become prows and rudders. Watch how a boatmaker restores a small craft's hull.

Bigger Ships (02:47)

A team of boat builders construct a frame for a larger vessel. Trees are integral to ships, from the masts to the hull.

Defending the Environment (03:26)

Protests in Gezi Park lead to 11 deaths and more than 2,000 arrests. Quintino, a 90 year-old-man is pleased that he still thinks about women romantically. He worked for a half an hour every day to lift up the tree for a monument dedicated to the hangings at Sappada di Cadore.

Quintino's Memorial (02:26)

Quintino and a young man hang plants on the memorial to recognize companions who were hung off of trees during World War II. Eight out of ten people sent to concentration camps never returned.

Stories of War (01:57)

Trees cannot flee danger or war. Jesus died on the cross, rooted to the ground as trees are.

Credits: Trees that Walk (04:29)

Credits: Trees that Walk

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The campfires of our ancestors; the ships with which we first explored the globe; instruments, artwork, buildings, furniture— these are only some of our innumerable uses for wood. From cradle to coffin, we owe much to the second life of trees. But are we doing enough to protect them? Trees That Walk is a meditative, intricate exploration of the deep and enduring bonds between trees and people— thought-provoking, haunting, and wise

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