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Halifax, Nova Scotia (02:19)


Glen Canning and Leah Parsons describe their daughter Rehtaeh as intelligent, happy, and sensitive. She was a strong willed child who loved dogs and began to challenge her parents at age 12.

Cole Harbor High School (03:39)

Staff reporter Selena Ross from "The Chronicle Herald" describes the small town. Canning and Parsons remember Rehtaeh making a new friend. She attended a party where she drank alcohol and got raped by four boys.

After the Rape (01:41)

Rehtaeh returned to school and learned that a picture of her being raped was being circulated. She left Cole Harbor High School and never returned.

Police Investigation (03:48)

Rehtaeh was asked to give multiple statements. Evidence was ignored and none of the boys who raped Rehtaeh were questioned by police. Parsons begged for information about the case, but police were not forthcoming.

Bullied at New School (01:59)

Rehtaeh's parents recall what their daughter dealt with in the aftermath of her rape. The picture of her assault kept circulating. She lost all of her friends.

Suicidal After Professional Help (02:30)

Canning talks about Rehtaeh's first suicide attempt. At the hospital, male staff members stripped her clothes and locked her in a room for 24 hours.

No Charges for Sexual Assault or Child Pornography (02:11)

Rehtaeh was put in a drug treatment program despite not having a drug problem. She went to live with her father and continued to self-harm.

Suicide (04:09)

Rehtaeh was not allowed to return to Cole Harbor High School where her rapists continued to attend. The harassment continued. Her mom tells the story of cutting the belt from around her neck.

Global Interest in Case (03:31)

Following Rehtaeh's suicide, Parsons wrote a Facebook post about her daughter's sexual assault and death. Anonymous threatened to reveal the identities of two of the alleged rapists if the RCMP did not take legal action. One of the boys involved reached out to Parsons through social media.

Facebook Confession (02:36)

One of the boys who assaulted Retaeh gave Parson details of the crime. She took a screen capture of the conversation and took it to the police. Anonymous threatened to expose the boys' identities if the case was not reopened.

Two People Charged (04:12)

Rehtaeh was not capable of giving consent at the time she was assaulted. Ross talks about the investigation and confusion in the community about alcohol and consent.

Victim Blaming (03:17)

Canning and Parsons talk about how about rape victims are treated by police, particularly in Nova Scotia. A social media pages created to mocked Rehtaeh's death was made by one of the rapist's sister.

No Remorse (02:11)

One of the boys who raped Rehtaeh was arrested for making death threats to Canning over YouTube.

Rehtaeh's Law (02:57)

Social media and technology prevent kids from having a safe place to escape to. Bill C-13 addresses revenge porn and criminal harassment.

No Justice for Rehtaeh (01:04)

The first defendant who took the photograph of Rehtaeh being raped plead guilty to producing child porn.

Remembering Rehtaeh (02:04)

Parsons paints memory stones in honor of her daughter. Canning is thankful that his daughter's story has helped others.

Need for Better Education (02:45)

Rehtaeh's friend thinks that she may still be alive if she had been offered help at school. Parsons talks about guilt.

Credits: No Place to Hide (00:38)

Credits: No Place to Hide

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Rehtaeh Parsons, a fifteen-year-old student from Nova Scotia, was raped by four schoolboys while drunk at a sleepover. Soon after the vicious online circulation of a photo of Rehtaeh being raped whilst being sick out of a window began. Through the eyes of her parents, this film re-examines these alarming events, which ultimately led to Rehtaeh's suicide. A shocking testament to police indifference, the stigma of sexual assault and the effects of cyber bullying.

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