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Deviant Behavior (04:22)


Deviant behavior is behavior that is outside of societal norms and can range from minor to serious. The three perspectives on deviant behavior are functionalist, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction.

Theories of Deviance (05:05)

Sociologists use four major theories: differential association, labeling, control, and strain.

Criminal Justice System and Deviance (04:28)

The criminal justice system in the U.S. includes the police, the courts, prisons/jails, and probation/parole. Sociologists are concerned with inequality in race, class, and gender within the system.

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Introduction to Sociology: Deviant Behavior

Part of the Series : Introduction to Sociology
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In this film, Associate Professor of Sociology, Matthew Green and Professor of Sociology Brenda Forster examine the four major theories sociologists use to analyze deviant behavior— differential association theory, control theory, labeling theory, and strain theory. They also discuss the relationship between race, class, and gender within the criminal justice system.

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