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Characteristics of Organizations (03:47)


Characteristics include: structure (often hierarchical), defined objectives, defined jobs, roles, tasks, activities, networks, and multiple contexts.

Types of Organizational Communication (04:44)

Types include: supervisory, downward, upward, and horizontal. Each communication type can be conducted in formal or informal methods.

Barriers to Effective Organizational Communication (05:14)

Factors that can interfere with successful communication include: people do not like to be told what to do, distance between sender and receiver, multiple audiences, message feels disconnected, lack of initiative, resistance from above, lack of comfort or trust, lack of authority to respond, communicating across functional areas, and informal communication.

Evaluating Organizational Communication (04:24)

The two components of competent communication are effectiveness and appropriateness. Learn tips to evaluate and encourage good communication at the supervisory, downward, upward, horizontal, and informal levels.

Mass Communication (05:02)

Mass communication is media that addresses all audiences typically through a channel; social media is changing mass communication. Characteristics of mass communication include: mediation, the sender tends to be a group, sending messages cost money, less opportunity for feedback, and broad messaging.

Gatekeeping and Mass Communication (05:14)

Gatekeeping filters communication through a channel. Gatekeepers decide what information is shared to the masses. They ultimately shape conversation, pander to their audiences, and are less influential as a result of new media.

Models of Mass Communication (04:44)

Historically, mass communication occurred in the two-step flow model. Media sways opinion leaders who distribute information to opinion followers. Today, mass communication occurs in a multi-step flow model.

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This video highlights important aspects of organizational and mass communication including: organization characteristics, types of organizational communication, communication barriers, communication evaluation, gatekeeping, and mass communication models. Identify characteristics of mass communication and learn the role of media in information dissemination.

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