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Cultural and Generational Differences (05:14)


After the Vietnam War ended in 1975, many Vietnamese flee to the U.S. Refugees talk about the differences between generations and their unique identity from other Asian cultures.

Growing Up As an American (02:36)

A young Vietnamese woman talks about her experience growing up as an American, but being raised as Vietnamese. Her value system is different yet similar to her parents.

Changes in Social Life (03:07)

Social life and family life changes as Vietnamese refugees settle in the U.S. It is hard for men to move from a male dominated culture to the height of the Women's Liberation Movement in America.

Generation Gap (05:44)

The older Vietnamese generation typically holds onto their traditional cultural values. But, their children want to fit into American culture and often get lost. Often the two cultures collide.

Role of Religion (04:10)

In Vietnam, the majority of the people are Buddhists, but over one-half of the refugees are Roman Catholics and against the insurgents. Refugees practice both religions in the U.S.

Prejudice and Discrimination (04:51)

Vietnamese refugees continue to live with prejudice and racism since the 1970s. It was ignored in the past because of survival. Today it is more subtle but still hurtful.

Future for the Vietnamese Homeland (06:05)

Many Vietnamese families now travel to Vietnam to visit the old village and teach their children a sense of heritage. Many feel that the U.S. has given them opportunities they can share in Vietnam.

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Through candid interviews with first- and second-generation Vietnamese-Americans, this program documents the process of assimilation into American culture of refugees from the former Republic of Vietnam. Vu-Duc Vuong, of the University of California, Berkeley, as well as college students, professionals, and clergy explore what it means to be of Vietnamese descent in America today. Topics include stresses on the family unit caused by cultural and generational differences, gang membership and drug abuse among the young, anti-Vietnamese racial bias, and feelings about relations between the U.S. and Vietnam. (33 minutes)

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