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Palliative Care (03:23)


Dr. Michael Carducci is an oncologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital. As co-chair of the hospital's palliative care committee he works to raise awareness of end of life issues and to generate support for a palliative care consult service.

Fighting Kidney Cancer: Martina Ringgold (04:04)

Martina Ringgold has survived metastatic kidney cancer for six years; the median survival rate for patients with the disease is ten months. During an appointment with Martina Dr. Michael Carducci evaluates her emotional well being in addition to the results of scans and lab tests.

Fighting Kidney Cancer: Jeff Schmidt (05:28)

Kidney cancer patient Jeff Schmidt appreciates Dr. Michael Carducci's honesty and personal approach. When Schmidt's cancer spreads he has to cease clinical drug trials and has to begin considering the effects of intense treatment on his quality of life.

Palliative Care Committee (02:22)

Dr. Nancy Hutton co-chairs the palliative care committee at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Helping hospital personnel look beyond curing disease to caring about patients is a primary goal of the committee.

Jeff Schmidt's Health Declines (02:08)

Kidney cancer patient Jeff Schmidt is admitted to the hospital following a series of seizures and swelling around his brain.

End of Life Care (01:40)

In the absence of a formal palliative care service Dr. Michael Carducci recruits doctors, nurses, social workers, and others to work with patients on end of life issues. Social worker Susan Blacker meets with patient Jeff Schmidt and his family to discuss end of life care.

Preparing Family Members (03:47)

Preparing family members to deal with end of life issues is an important aspect of palliative care. Dr. Michael Carducci encourages kidney cancer patient Martina Ringgold to begin involving her family in discussions about end of life care.

End of Life Decisions (05:34)

Dr. Michael Carducci discusses end of life care decisions with kidney cancer patient Jeff Schmidt and his family.

A Special Patient (02:46)

Dr. Michael Carducci feels a special bond with kidney cancer patient Martina Ringgold. He continues to encourage her to begin end of life care discussions with her family; in the same appointment she invites him to her upcoming wedding.

Dying at Home with Hospice Care (05:07)

Dr. Michael Carducci recommends that cancer patient Jeff Schmidt leave the hospital to begin hospice care at home. Hospice nurses and social workers help patients be comfortable and support families as they face an impending death.

Martina Ringgold's Wedding (03:08)

Dr. Carducci attends the wedding of cancer patient Martina Ringgold. Carducci believes it's likely Ringgold will die within a few months but is happy she continues to move ahead and fully experience her life.

Jeff Schmidt's Last Days (04:54)

After leaving the hospital to be cared for at home by hospice nurses Jeff Schmidt enjoys relatively good health and quality time with his family. He dies at home with his family around him just three days after celebrating his 38th birthday.

Martina Ringgold's Wedding Reception (02:31)

Dr. Carducci and cancer patient Martina Ringgold developed a genuine bond since he began treating her cancer. At her wedding reception the two share a happy, hopeful moment. Three months after her wedding Martina Ringgold died.

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All through medical school, internship, and residency, doctors are trained to be healers. What can they contribute to the care of patients whose illnesses are beyond their help? This ABC News program examines the crusading efforts of oncologist Dr. Michael Carducci, of Johns Hopkins Medicine, to create an exemplary program of palliative care for people with terminal conditions. The importance of supporting patients and their families in the making of sound end-of-life decisions is stressed. (48 minutes)

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