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Drinking Alcohol: Dangerous and Deadly (01:54)


The American Medical Association states that boys on average start drinking at 11, while girls begin at age 13. Most teenagers begin drinking at their homes, emulating their parents.

Why Teenagers Drink Alcohol (03:55)

Reasons include curiosity, to act older, peer pressure, to feel better, and rebellion. Alcohol causes emotional, auditory, and motor coordination changes as well as altering thought processes and blocking messages to the brain. It is illegal to purchase under the age of 21.

Drinking Environment (02:32)

A common misconception in society is that binge drinking is acceptable. Billy date raped Karen while intoxicated. Alcohol is involved in 66 percent of teenage sexual assaults and date rapes.

Drinking And Driving (04:22)

Mary Early recalls the moment when she learned from police that her daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She discusses the aftermath of the accident. Alcohol is a factor in 50 percent of teenage fatalities caused by automobile accidents.

Take Positive Action (04:28)

Do not drink and drive. Establish a designated driver that will not drink— take away the keys or disable the car of those inebriated. Increasing the legal age from 18 to 21 has saved more than 10,000 lives.

Credits: Drinking Alcohol: Dangerous and Deadly— Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions (00:43)

Credits: Drinking Alcohol: Dangerous and Deadly— Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions

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Drinking Alcohol: Dangerous and Deadly—Adolescent Problems and Workable Solutions

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In this film, students and experts address why teenagers drink alcohol, the potential ramifications, and how to prevent dangerous situations. 

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