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Born with Cerebral Palsy (02:07)


Gary Endacott's parents were told he would never walk. He climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and ran the New York City Marathon. He works as a disabilities facilitator for the Ministry of Education.

People's Choice Award Winner (02:32)

Gary thanks Mary Edwards for giving him a chance to succeed. Finding a job was difficult for him because of prejudice and bullying.

Disabilities Facilitator (02:06)

Margaret McCabe likes to collaborate with Gary. He provides coping skills to students who are struggling. When he was young, Joan and Frank Endacott taught Gary to walk over a three year period.

Equal Treatment (02:05)

Joan never allowed Gary to be a victim or feel different than her other sons. She pushed his teachers to ensure he was given no special favors.

Forty Years Later (04:41)

Gary meets with Brodie Cross to determine how to help transition into high school; he is not socializing with other students. Gary empathizes with him, but also pushes him to exceed expectations; he expects the same of his own children

Family Life (03:35)

Gary describes how he met his wife. Shelley Endacott sacrificed her relationship with her family to marry him and often forgets he is disabled. Gary spars with his son.

Finding Balance (03:02)

As a facilitator, Gary does not ignore a disability, but implements changes to positively affect a person's life. He watches Brodie use a walker and tries to encourage him to practice alone. Karyn Cross is grateful for Gary's help.

Long Standing Relationships (02:05)

Gary still mentors Sam McMillian who now attends college. Gary has run marathons and won the gold medal in Disabled Tennis.

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro (02:38)

Gary's muscles seized up from the high altitude and he almost died. Joan and Frank describe how doctors performed a surgery to lengthen Gary tendons when he was a child. Watch Gary play in rugby league.

Importance of Empowerment (02:49)

Brodie wheels himself to his own classes, gaining a new sense of self confidence and independence. Gary believes in aiming for the sky, but keeping goals achievable. He hopes more disabled individuals will receive jobs in the government.

Credits: The World According to Gary—Against the Odds (00:41)

Credits: The World According to Gary—Against the Odds

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Gary Endacott’s parents were told he would never walk because of his cerebral palsy. Today he works as a disabilities facilitator who encourages students to aim for the sky. Watch as he runs marathons, plays rugby, and climbs Mount Kilimanjaro in this episode of Against the Odds.

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