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Living with Miller Syndrome (02:39)


Erica Perry was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. Both of her parents carry the recessive gene. She and her twin brother are the only two diagnosed individuals in Australia.

Photographs from Childhood (02:56)

Erica has been operated on 40 times— mostly to create eyelids. She realized when she was young that she will be teased and needs to stand up for herself.

Cosmetic Surgery Options (02:01)

Erica meets with a surgeon who explains the potential problems of additional surgeries on her eyelids. She decides to concentrate on other ways to better herself.

Enjoying Sports (02:30)

Kung Fu improves Erica's balance, coordination and anxiety. Swimming boosts her physical fitness.

Taking Control (01:53)

Erica drives an unmodified car. When someone tells her she cannot accomplish something, it makes her fight harder to achieve it.

Rock Climbing (04:26)

Erica tries to discover a way to adapt so she can accomplish a goal. She reaches the top of the wall.

Living Independently (02:08)

A caregiver comes to help Erica with making the bed and shampooing her hair. She prefers her family not assist with personal tasks. She hopes to move out on her own.

Love of Children (02:04)

Erica works as a nanny. She feels children do not judge her by her looks. Maurice and Carla describe how Erica can assuage children's fears when they first see her.

Lots of Love to Give (02:50)

Erica works part time for five different families but cannot support herself. She hopes to have a family and thinks about adopting children with disabilities.

Yearning for Human Connection (04:06)

Erica wishes there was some one nearby who shared her dreams and experiences. Her brother is introverted and prefers computers to people. She attends a Miller Syndrome conference every year.

Credits: Erica Takes Control— Against the Odds (00:44)

Credits: Erica Takes Control— Against the Odds

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Born with multiple abnormalities, Erica Perry struggles to find her place in the world. Watch as she controls her own destiny and seeks happiness without resorting to anymore plastic surgery in this episode of Against the Odds

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