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Dreams of Becoming a Principal Dancer (02:04)


Salem Foxx is addicted to ballet. He has taken classes since he was three. In three weeks, he will participate in a competition in Auckland.

Asperger's Syndrome (02:05)

Salem likes to read and garden. He does not like to talk about his diagnosis, because he finds most people are misinformed about the syndrome. His mother Michelle remembers how he had little language skill and was obsessed with toy car wheels.

Benefits of Dance (02:14)

Dancing helped Salem learn to communicate and grow. He doesn't often share his diagnosis, but he thinks it is an advantage for dance. Sir John Trimmer wonders if Salem sees the dance moves in his head prior to performing them.

Dance Practice (03:14)

Salem does not understand language nuances and struggles when colloquialisms are used. He strives for perfection and becomes frustrated when he cannot perform the steps as well as he imagines.

Coping with Asperger's (02:35)

Salem cares for chickens and a garden; animals teach him empathy. Michelle recalls Salem being a victim of bullying. Salem says he was the most punished person in his class.

"Un-schooling" (03:02)

Michelle home schools Salem; he loves botany. Michelle wants Salem to travel to ballet classes by himself to gain self-confidence and independence.

Traveling to Ballet Class (02:14)

Salem does not cope well with changes. His mother writes instructions to help him when unforeseen events occur. He calls his mother when a train is late.

Waikanae Dance School (02:58)

Salem teaches a grade one ballet class. Michelle explains that he is a good instructor because he speaks simply and provides examples of how to do an exercise correctly and incorrectly. Later, Michelle Lewis gives Salem a private lesson.

Ballet Boy New Zealand (02:27)

Salem enjoys swimming in his free time. Michelle sews and repairs Salem's ballet costumes. Salem's blog has several followers.

Excited about Auckland (01:58)

Salem arrives in Auckland for the dance competition. Competition Judge Reece Jenkinson explains what he is looking for in a potential dancer.

Auckland BTDA Dance Festival (02:53)

Salem competes in six categories. Jenkinson thinks he possesses a lot of talent and performed very well.

Credits: Salem Foxx Ballet Boy— Against the Odds (00:40)

Credits: Salem Foxx Ballet Boy— Against the Odds

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Salem Foxx is only 13 and has already danced with the Royal New Zealand Ballet. Salem has Asperger's Syndrome and he considers it an advantage in dance. Watch as he prepares for a ballet competition in Auckland in this episode of Against the Odds.

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