Segments in this Video

Role Models for Charlotte (01:20)


Charlotte skydives with two men who also have disabilities. Charlotte wants to be independent.

Meningitis Leads to Amputations (03:43)

Charlotte recently turned 11 and wants to be independent. Pam Cleverly and Charlotte begin their morning routine. In 2004, Charlotte spent time in the ICU; all four of her limbs needed to be amputated.

Letting Go of Guilt (02:05)

Pam knows that Charlotte will need help every day, but she wants her to be as independent as possible. She helps Charlotte dress for the day and takes her to school.

Inspiring Hope (05:13)

Cameron Leslie, a Paralympic swimmer mentors Charlotte. He joins Charlotte at her doctor's office when she tries on new prosthetics. Pam describes why artificial legs are painful.

Effective Mentoring (03:00)

Cameron Clapp teaches Leslie how to mentor effectively. Clapp lost three of his limbs in a freight train accident when he was a teenager. Providing daily coping strategies to a young person gives them confidence.

Desensitization Exercises (03:29)

Clapp shows Charlotte how to decrease the sensitivity in her limbs by doing daily exercises.

Charlotte Visits Leslie (02:41)

Leslie uses adaptive gear to drive. He helps Pam maneuver Charlotte through his unmodified house.

Charlotte and Leslie Cook (02:32)

Leslie teaches Charlotte how to grate cheese, cut olives and make a pizza. Charlotte is surprised that Leslie's house is not modified. He convinces Charlotte that she needs to work harder if she wants to live independently.

Using Her New Legs (04:02)

Charlotte and Leslie spend a day in the park. She tells him that she wants to strengthen her core to improve her endurance. She, Leslie, and Clapp go skydiving.

Credits: Baby Charlotte Grows Up— Against the Odds (00:35)

Credits: Baby Charlotte Grows Up— Against the Odds

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Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman lost her limbs to meningitis as a baby. Now 11, Charlotte is learning to do more on her own with the help of two multiple amputee mentors. Charlotte confronts new challenges, tries on new prosthetics, and learns new coping skills in this episode of Against the Odds.

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