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Meet Lily Harper (02:21)


Lily Harper lives independently in New Zealand. She also loves to act and dance— her favorite celebrity is Ellen DeGeneres. She performs a version of the "Ellen Show" where she portrays both herself and DeGeneres.

Dinner With Parents (03:10)

Harper's birth mother put her up for adoption when she was young. Harper admires her adoptive parents for pushing her to live independently.

Ellen DeGeneres Hair Cut (04:35)

Harper performs "the Lily Show" to an audience. She describes when she decided to live independently away from her family. Harper meets her roommates to do the weekly shopping.

Roommates Travel Home (02:13)

Harper prepares chicken wraps and salad for dinner. She describes her roommates.

Doing Chores (02:02)

Harper and Andrew dance together. She dreams of relocating to America and becoming a director.

Going to Work (02:47)

Harper has worked in a department store for the past five years. At first she found it confusing, but now understands what the job entails.

Coffee Break (02:43)

Harper discusses her upcoming trip to Australia. Carla L'Huillier describes how Harper has improved over the past year. Harper wants to do something for New Zealand, which is why she trains so hard.

At the Special Olympics (02:11)

Harper remembers the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics. David Burrows prepares the team for the relay race.

Harper's Relay Strategy (04:32)

Harper introduces the team. The relay team wins the silver medal. She participates in two other races and receives the bronze in each.

Credits: The Lily Harper Show— Against the Odds (00:40)

Credits: The Lily Harper Show— Against the Odds

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In this video, Lily Harper interviews herself in a talk show format. She talks about her life as a Special Olympic athlete,her fascination with Ellen DeGeneres, coping with Down's Syndrome, and living independently in this episode of Against the Odds

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