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Paralympic Skier (02:11)


Adam Hall won the gold medal in the standing class. He drives himself to the ski resort. Hall was born with spina bifida.

Multiple Surgeries for Spina Bifida (02:08)

Hall's mother first encouraged him to play sports. At age 10, he switched to snowboarding because he had difficulty manipulating skis, but switched back because it is not a Paralympic sport.

Rising in World Rankings (02:29)

Hall uses two pieces of adaptive gear, outriggers on his ski poles to help him balance and a bungee cord to keep the skis together. Hall was chosen for the 2006 Paralympic ski team and won the 2008 world cup.

Hall's Work Ethic (03:02)

When not skiing, Hall performs chores on his family's farm. He returns to Winter Park, Colorado to help improve his skiing. His coach Erik Peterson, explains that Hall's work ethic makes him the hardest working athlete today.

Hall's Biggest Supporter (02:24)

Hall's mother Gail accompanies him to the Vancouver Paralympic Games. He wins the gold medal after falling during the run. Several months later, Gail dies in a car accident.

December 2012 (02:02)

Hall returns to Winter Park, but lacks the same energy. He wants to change some techniques in preparation for the next Paralympic Games. Scott Olson works with Hall to improve his times.

New Adaptive Gear (03:23)

Olson adds new adaptive gear. Hall believes that only hard work will garner success— he adds Pilates into his regiment. Last season he maintained the world number one spot in slalom and wants to peak in 2014.

La Molina, Spain (02:51)

At the World Cup, Hall inspects the course. Olson and Hall review strategy the day before the race.

Race Day (02:16)

Hall finishes third in the World Cup. He is not pleased at the results, and decides to return to New Zealand.

World Ranking Slips (04:32)

Hall continues to make adjustments to his gear and works toward winning the next Paralympic Games. At the Winter Games, he suffers from food poisoning, but still manages to win first place. His team feels ready for Sochi.

Credits: Adam Hall: Defending Champion— Against All Odds (00:44)

Credits: Adam Hall: Defending Champion— Against All Odds

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In this documentary, Paralympic skier Adam Hall prepares to defend his gold medal against fierce competition. Born with spina bifida, Hall overcomes numerous obstacles on his journey to win another medal. 

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