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Fight to Breathe: Great Ormond Street: Introduction (01:17)


Every year, the hospital treats hundreds of children with failing lungs. Doctors help guide the children and their families on a medical journey.

Charlie's Transplant Consultation (04:33)

Lungs are the most complex organ to transplant and failure rates remain high. Doctors Paul Aurora and Helen Spencer list approximately 10 children per year on the transplant list. Charlie, 9-years-old, has cystic fibrosis; he and his family discuss his prognosis with Dr. Spencer.

Considering a Transplant (01:41)

Dr. Spencer believes Charlie should be listed for lung transplant soon. His parents believe that ultimately, the transplant should be Charlie's decision.

Jess is Ready for a Transplant (03:00)

Jess, 14-years-old, initially refused a lung transplant but is now on the waiting list; 25 percent die while waiting for donor lungs. Jess and her parents discuss the possible transplant with Dr. Spencer.

Chloe's Transplant (03:15)

Chloe, 11-years-old, has been waiting nearly a year for donor lungs and finally received a call for surgery. Dr. Victor Tsang and his team perform the operation. Chloe's parents are relieved at her appearance after surgery; the next 48 hours are critical.

Under-Developed Lungs (02:07)

Louie has lung hypoplasia and has been on Badger Ward for over a year. Dr. Colin Wallis fears Louie's lungs will not grow.

Assessing Louie's Case (04:18)

Louie celebrates his second birthday in the hospital. The transplant team considers Louie's prognosis and the possibility of transplant. Before a decision is reached, Louie's condition worsens.

Chloe's Recovery (01:59)

Transplant consultants closely supervise Chloe in isolation. She is not responding well to the transplant or her medications; her new lungs leak fluid.

Chloe's Condition Deteriorates (02:42)

Dr. Spencer is worried about Chloe and her survival; Chloe is experiencing difficulties with other organs. Doctors assess her case and decide to insert medical talcum powder onto the surface of her lungs.

Charlie's Short Wait (03:56)

Charlie was on the transplant list for 10 days before a match became available. He asks questions about post-surgery; Charlie is looking forward to the surgery.

Charlie's Transplant (03:32)

Dr. Nagarajan Muthialu leads the operation; doctors have six hours to attach the new lungs to Charlie's blood supply. Dr. Muthialu discusses the surgery with Charlie's parents.

Jess Wants a Transplant (02:57)

Jess continues to wait for donor lungs. She received a call from Great Ormond, but the lungs were not a good match.

Louie's Prognosis (04:50)

Doctors suggest that Louie have a tracheostomy; his mother does not want to do it unless it will save his life. The medical staff discusses Louie's case. A tracheostomy could rule out a transplant.

Charlie's Recovery (01:48)

Doctors closely monitor Charlie for signs of infection and rejection. His parents worry that something will go wrong.

Jess' Transplant (05:28)

Jess arrives at Great Ormond for a transplant. The retrieval team learns there is a slight risk of cancer in the donor organs; Jess and her family decide to proceed with the operation.

Chloe's Health Improves (02:05)

Dr. Spencer visits with Chloe and her mother. Chloe leaves ICU and begins building strength; three months later she goes home.

Louie's Assessment (05:08)

Louie undergoes necessary tests to determine transplant list acceptance. Dr. Aurora discusses transplantation with Louie's parents; he will join the transplant list. Louie's oxygen levels dropped during the night and his heart stopped; staff could not resuscitate him.

Patient Update (03:28)

Charlie walks the hospital corridors 11 days after his transplant; he leaves the hospital six weeks after surgery. Jess makes a rapid recovery after her operation. Chloe is back at school.

Credits: Fight to Breathe: Great Ormond Street, Series 3 (00:37)

Credits: Fight to Breathe: Great Ormond Street, Series 3

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Great Ormond Street Hospital is the last chance for children in the U.K. whose lungs are failing because of cystic fibrosis and other conditions. In a few very severe cases each year, their only hope of survival is to undergo a double lung transplant. This program follows the perilous but potentially life-changing process of giving a child new lungs. Charlie is 9-years-old and has cystic fibrosis. For most of his life he has managed to cope, but in recent months his condition has rapidly deteriorated. Jess is 14, and was told she should be listed for a lung transplant two years ago, but she was too scared. Chloe is 11 and has been waiting for new lungs for nearly a year. Louie is a few days short of his second birthday. Doctors are considering making him the youngest patient ever to have a lung transplant at Great Ormond Street. A BBC Production.

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