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Leader of Immunological Disease (02:37)


Doctors and parents must weigh the risks and rewards of experimental treatments. The Fox and Robin Ward treats over a hundred children per year. Five year old Herb Taylor is diagnosed with NEMO, a disease that prevents his body from fighting bacterial infections— he will die without medical intervention. (Credits)

A Transplant is Recommended (02:51)

Paul Veys is the director of the bone marrow transplant team. Rufus is an ideal match for Herb. Dr. Veys explains the procedure and potential risks to the family.

Getting Sicker and No Donor (02:14)

Keano is diagnosed with congenital neutropenia— his latest test results show leukemia. The transplant team meets to create a treatment plan. They decide to recommend a high risk transplant.

Keano Wants to Feel Better (03:24)

Dr. Veys suggests a transplant using Keano's mother's bone marrow. Because his mother is not an ideal match, Dr. Veys cannot predict the outcome— the mortality rate could be as high as 30 percent.

Medical Decision by Separated Parents (02:38)

Keano's mother makes all his treatment decisions. His condition deteriorates and she agrees to take the tests required for stem cell donation. She will make a decision after she receives the results.

Herb's Transplant (03:35)

Lily, Herb's sister, is also diagnosed with NEMO and returns to the hospital for further testing. Lily had been hiding her symptoms because of Herb's illness. Waseem Qasim explains that because Lily does not have an ideal donor match, it is best to wait for the transplant.

Bone Marrow Transplant Team (02:55)

The team meets to discuss Herb and Lily's case. They decide to go ahead with Herb's transplant and wait on Lily's. Herb and his parents spend the night in the patient hotel.

Admitting Herb (02:08)

Herb will not be allowed any visitors outside his family for the next eight weeks. Rufus donates his bone marrow.

Rufus Starts the Transplant (02:31)

Rufus' stem cells are transplanted into Herb— in two weeks doctors should know if Herb's body accepts or rejects the new stem cells. Dr. Veys explains the risks of the surgery. Dr. Bobby Gaspar works on experimental gene therapy.

Ten Year Old Teigan (03:16)

Teigan's health is too fragile to consider a bone marrow transplant— she suffers from severe combined immunodeficiency. She currently receives injections, but they will become ineffective. Dr. Gaspar meets with the family.

Weekly Injections (02:44)

Teigan's mother shields her from knowing the dangers of her disease. Dr. Gaspar is confident about his trial. Although Teigan's parents are separated, they make decisions concerning her care together and decide to join the trial.

Teigan's Procedure (02:14)

Harvesting of stem cells does not go as well as Dr. Gaspar had hoped. Because Teigan is older, it is difficult to collect enough. The medical team will try again in a few months.

Keano Recovers (02:38)

Keano's illness damages his lungs— the bone marrow team consults with the respiratory team before proceeding with the transplant. Keano receives his mother's stem cells. Now they must wait to see if his body accepts or rejects the transplant.

Two Weeks Later (03:14)

Dr. Veys checks Keano's bone marrow. Dr. Persis Amrola updates the family that Keano is rejecting the stem cells and needs a second transplant. Within a month, he could die from infection— the transplant team works to secure a donation quickly.

Day 11 (02:48)

Herb develops high fevers. It could be a sign that the transplant is starting to work. A few days later, his fevers continue and he loses his hair.

Teigan Returns to the Hospital (02:43)

Doctors decide to use drugs to help harvest Teigan's stem cells— they do not receive enough. The therapy team decides to abort gene therapy temporarily. Dr. Gaspar tells the family.

Disappointed in the Outcome (02:03)

Doctors may be able to freeze the stem cells they harvested from Teigan today and combine them with another batch. Family members console each other.

Herb's Temperature Stabilized (03:44)

Three weeks later, Dr. Veys meets with the family to inform them that the transplant was successful. After his isolation is complete, Herb is discharged.

Eight More Days (02:48)

Keano receives the second marrow transplant. Within a few days, his health declines. Amrola diagnoses him with an infection.

Hoping for a Miracle (01:47)

Dr. Kanchan Rao diagnoses Keano with a rare and aggressive fungus— the mortality rate can be as high as 70 percent. She hopes the cells will start replacing his immune system soon.

Getting a Miracle (02:54)

Dr. Veys explains that sometimes doctors go too far with their treatments and cause suffering to a child, because they have witnessed miracles. Keano makes a radical recovery.

Credits: Fix my Genes: Great Ormond Street, Series 3 (00:38)

Credits: Fix my Genes: Great Ormond Street, Series 3

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In this documentary, the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit at Great Ormond Street Hospital, doctors strive to save the lives of children with life-threatening conditions. Follow four patients as they are treated for immunological diseases in this episode of Great Ormond Street. A BBC Production.

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