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Experimental Surgery: Great Ormond Street: Introduction (01:18)


Experimental surgery on children raises ethical questions and dilemmas. Surgeons often question how far to push the boundaries.

Trachea Replacement (04:16)

Shauna, 15-years-old, has one lung, a heart defect, and a closing windpipe; she may be a candidate for a tracheal transplant. Respiratory Consultant Colin Wallis questions Shauna and her mother about the operation.

Surgery Assessment (02:47)

Wallis reflects on Shauna's current quality of life. Doctors examine Shauna's lung and airway; they see scar tissue as a result of a stent.

Ethics Committee (04:12)

Dr. Martin Elliott consults with the committee about offering a tracheal transplant to Shauna. He presents evidence from a previous surgery, explains the likely manner of Shauna's death without the procedure, and considers the possibility of palliative care; they committee agrees to the procedure.

Rib Cage Expansion (05:38)

Muhammed, three months old, has Jeune's Syndrome; the surgery is the only known cure for the disease. Elliott and Dr. Neil Bulstrode explain the operation to Muhammed's parents and obtain their consent to operate.

Muhammed's Operation (04:30)

Doctors cut and expand Muhammed's ribs, improving ventilation.

After Muhammed's Surgery (02:08)

Muhammed will remain sedated and on a ventilator for a few days. Bulstrode explains the surgery to Muhammed's parents; they immediately see a change in his chest size.

Unwanted Outcome for Muhammed (05:47)

Muhammed's lungs struggle to expand three days after surgery. Muhammed's lungs have shown no growth three months later. Elliot speaks with Muhammed's father about taking him off of life support.

Joshua Burns Adair (04:39)

Great Ormond Street receives another case of Jeune's Syndrome; Joshua's heart stops beating during a ventilator transfer. Doctors cancel the chest expansion surgery, review Joshua's case and explain their considerations to Joshua's parents.

Surgical Opportunity and Risks (02:31)

Joshua's oxygen levels improved; doctors consider the possibility of surgery.

Window of Opportunity (03:46)

Doctors talk with Joshua's parents about the possibility of surgery and its risks. They consent to the surgery.

After Joshua's Surgery (02:40)

The operation went well and Joshua's parents visit him in recovery. Joshua transfers to his local hospital three days after surgery; his lungs are adapting well.

Shauna Returns to Great Ormond Street (01:51)

Shauna's new windpipe is ready for the transplant. Elliott talks with Shauna and her mother about the operation and obtains their consent.

Shauna's Surgery (04:49)

Elliott discusses surgical difficulties. After four hours in surgery, he removes most of the trachea and calls for the replacement.

Shauna's New Trachea (04:25)

Doctors at the Cellular Therapy Laboratory at Royal Free Hospital send the trachea to Great Ormond Street; surgeons have 30 minutes to transplant it before it begins to deteriorate. Shauna breathes through her new trachea 8 hours after the start of surgery.

Patient Update (02:55)

Shauna transfers to her local hospital two weeks after surgery; she suffered a cardiac arrest two weeks after returning to Leeds and died three days later. Elliott reflects on performing the surgery. Surgeons prepare for Joshua's next chest expansion surgery.

Credits: Experimental Surgery: Great Ormond Street, Series 2 (00:39)

Credits: Experimental Surgery: Great Ormond Street, Series 2

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This program follows Great Ormond Street's cardiothoracic surgeons as they perform some of the most difficult and innovative surgery in pediatric medicine. For children who can't be cured using conventional methods, the only option is experimental surgery. However, surgery at the edge of what is possible carries the highest risk. As these families and doctors step into the unknown they face tough ethical questions about whether it is right to proceed with such uncertainty. A BBC Production.

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