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Waiting on a Heart Transplant (02:54)


Life expectancy has doubled since heart transplants were introduced, but the amount of available hearts has dropped. Holly Keogh remains in an induced coma while waiting for a donor. Dr. Philip Rees explains that Holly knows her family visits. (Credits)

Berlin Heart (04:33)

This machine saved 46 lives at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Dr. Nigel Cross begins Holly's surgery; one in five children who receive the device die before an eligible heart becomes available. Rees is impressed with parents and patient's coping skills.

Sol Georgiou (02:32)

Sol Georgiou's heart condition was discovered in utero. Dr. Robert Yates installed a pacemaker, but one of his valves is failing. Yates hopes Sol's heart will improve with medication and will perform another circulation test.

High Risk Procedure (02:03)

Dr. Glyn Williams voices concerns about putting Sol under anesthetic, but Yates convinces him the test is necessary. The first portion of data is not promising.

Giving Sol Nitrous Oxide (02:16)

Dr. Graham Derrick hopes it will normalize his blood pressure. After a half an hour Sol improves. George Georgiou is convinced he will leave the hospital healthy.

Holly is Alert and Active (02:32)

Holly joins the Ladybird Ward where patients wait for donor hearts. Dr. Mike Burch describes improvements in transplant medicine. Rees explains that the longer a patient is on a Berlin Heart, the greater the risk of a major complication.

Ellie's Health Struggles (02:58)

Ellie contracted a viral infection which permanently damaged her heart. Since receiving a Berlin Heart, she suffered a stroke, two infections and four chamber changes. Older children have shorter wait periods because they can receive adult hearts.

Sol Needs a Transplant (05:23)

The cardiac team decides to list Sol for a heart transplant. Sol's parents discuss the risks, life expectancy, and how to talk to Sol about the surger with Dempsey and Burch; Sol's mother requests time before proceeding.

Transplant List (04:54)

Once Sol's parents speak to him about the heart transplant, he will be placed on the list. The parents ask Yates to explain it to Sol. Yates comments on how difficult it is deciding who receives heart transplants.

Ladybird Ward (02:33)

Parents, nurses and patients leave the ward for a Birthday party. Holly is too sick to attend. Caring for Berlin Heart Patients is expensive.

Sol's Condition Worsens (03:08)

Sol has no appetite, a warning signs of heart failure. His doctors decide to install a Berlin Heart. Dr. TY Hsia performs the operation.

Ellie Receives a Donor Heart (03:59)

Ellie has transplant surgery; the team is optimistic she will recover. All the patient's families are hopeful on the Ladybird Ward.

Heart Transplant Surgery (03:56)

Because of a complication, Hsia returns to the operating room. Later, he updates Ellie's parents on the surgery. After three days, Ellie is doing well in the ICU.

Sol's Condition is Stable (03:29)

At 1:00 AM, the surgical staff receives a call that there might be an available heart for Sol. Sol's parents react to the news and prepare Sol for surgery.

Sol's Heart Transplant (02:36)

After 10 hours of surgery, the transplant heart is not functioning properly. Sol is put on an ECMO machine— the medical team hopes that the new heart will get stronger. Sol's parents visit him.

Crisis to Crisis (01:59)

Attempts to wean Sol off the ECMO machine failed. Doctors want to wait 48 hours before trying again. The average time for a person to be on an ECMO machine is 7 to 10 days post-surgery.

Pushing the Boundaries (02:08)

Sol's transplant was a high risk surgery. Sol came off the ECMO machine but his lung and kidney functions struggle. Yates hopes that things will improve.

Patient Update (03:54)

Ellie is discharged from the hospital. Sol dies from complications. After 251 days on the Ladybird Ward, Holly receives a heart transplant.

Credits: Buying Time: Great Ormond Street, Series 2 (00:44)

Credits: Buying Time: Great Ormond Street, Series 2

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This program focuses on the work of Great Ormond Street’s Heart Transplant Team. Every year, the number of donor hearts decreases: safer roads, better intensive care and a society reluctant to donate means fewer hearts and longer waits for children for whom transplant is the last resort. The Berlin Heart is a revolutionary machine that keeps these children alive. However, it’s a precarious existence as the machine can only buy them time until the rare gift of a heart is made. A BBC Production.

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