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Lichen Padded Nest (03:30)


Andy admires Hatty's Cynodont nest exhibit. The dinosaur, dating back 220 million years, is known for its excellent sense of smell and sight. Having spilled paint on Hatty's hand-picked lichen, Andy travels back in time with her backpack to get more.

Quest for Cynodont Burrow (04:27)

Andy travels back in time 220 million years. While looking for lichen he encounters a Peteinosaurus, a Cynodont, and a Coelophysis— deadly enemy to the Cynodont. Andy crawls in an underground burrow and sees Cynodont babies nursing.

Finding Dry Lichen (03:20)

While trying to avoid Coelophyses, Andy gets stuck in a Cynodont burrow entrance. Tying a sandwich to fishing line from Hatty's backpack, Andy lures a Coelophysis that pulls him back to his overturned time-travel clock.

Just in Time (01:15)

Andy returns to the museum in time to replace the paint-ruined lichen before visitors arrive.

Credits: Cynodont and Lichen: Andy's Dinosaur Adventures (00:32)

Credits: Cynodont and Lichen: Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

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Cynodont and Lichen: Andy's Dinosaur Adventures

Part of the Series : Andy's Dinosaur Adventures
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Andy is back for a brand new series of fun-filled, jaw-dropping and eye-popping adventures— only this time he’s going back in time to search for the dinosaurs that once roamed our planet. Each adventure begins with Andy at work in a local museum with his new sidekick dinosaur expert Hatty. Together, they bring the museum to life with their comedy antics. Andy’s time-travelling clock brings him on a pre-historic adventure with dinosaurs, returning with whatever is needed for his day job just in time! Combining stunning footage from the BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs with high tech CGI wizardry, Andy gets caught in a Cynodont's burrow and uses a fishing line and a Coelophysis to get him home in time! A BBC Production.


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