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Golden Gate City (02:16)


San Francisco has long been a city characterized by its uniqueness. In appearance, nonconformity, and rebelliousness, San Francisco distinguished itself from other large cities across the United States.

Power City (02:39)

A change is taking place in San Francisco; the arrival of the fast growing tech industry. Brian Hertzog describes the "digital gold rush" in San Francisco and his path to becoming the first employee of Runway Incubator.

How Can I Improve That Experience? (02:06)

The headquarters of new tech buildings are taking over historic buildings, like Yahoo's headquarters in the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper building. Bernat Foret describes the mindset in San Francisco and the complete lack of children or elderly people.

Second Gold Rush (03:30)

According to Ankit Sahu, San Francisco is currently the richest city in the world and he envisions it becoming the center of the world. A tech millionaire explains his lifestyle and the reason he continues working despite being so rich.

Booms and Lulls (02:43)

Billionaire investor Ron Conway assisted in paving the way for the tech industry to flourish in San Francisco. A remodeled house in San Francisco will be worth close to three million dollars and will rent for $10,000 per month.

Rich and Poor (02:05)

Ceione Hill is being evicted from a home in Hunters Point, San Francisco because of the influx of the tech industry; she has lived there her entire life. Hill says the rich white people are moving in.

Tech Invasion (01:38)

Upscale restaurants and boutiques are opening in San Francisco, furthering the expenses in the city. David Talbot of feels that the expanding wealth gap will push out artists and force San Francisco into a bland, tech-oriented city free of diversity.

Community Participation (03:55)

Activist Roberto Hernandez feels that the soul of the city is being eradicated as the tech boom takes over. Tech people that have moved in do not participate in the community, and he takes it upon himself to facilitate communication with the new people.

Space Invaders (03:48)

Evictions on the basis of the Ellis Act, which is a legal eviction that is difficult to fight, are rising at high percentages. Former mayor of San Francisco, Art Agnos, says he could not afford to purchase a house in San Francisco today.

Techs and Tourists (04:47)

Developers are taking over land in San Francisco and forcing out businesses that have existed in the community since before it was a large city. They feel it is becoming tech and tourist oriented and driving out art.

Hotels Versus Homes (02:49)

A hotel owner explains why Air BnB is not a legitimate building, as taxes are not regulated and buildings are not inspected the way they are in hotels. CEO OF, Sean Gourley, explains that tech companies are largely unregulated.

Freelance Economy (02:32)

Gourley says that technology allows regulations to be bypassed, like in the cases of Lyft and Uber. It can be called social Darwinism.

Dark Side of Progress (02:54)

The Tenderloin district is instigating homelessness in older people, despite college educations and career history. Allen, a displaced man has two college degrees and 30 years of corporate experience, but because he is 61, he is not sought after in the workplace.

Economic and Spiritual (01:10)

Pelosi reflects on the big questions regarding the changes in San Francisco. Income inequality is exacerbated in San Francisco, but perhaps the problems will be solved.

Credits: San Francisco 2.0 (00:47)

Credits: San Francisco 2.0

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San Francisco has long enjoyed its reputation as the counter-culture capital of America, drawing bohemians, mavericks, progressives and activists into its streets. With the onset of the digital Gold Rush, however, young members of the tech elite are flocking to the West Coast to make their fortunes, and the influx of new tech wealth is forcing San Francisco to reinvent itself. As these innovators lead America into the golden age of digital supremacy, are the techies changing the heart and soul of their adopted city? Acclaimed filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi returns to her hometown to find out what the tech boom has in store for this historically progressive city. Featuring interviews with top industry leaders, politicians and long-time residents fighting for their place in a city that may be leaving them behind, San Francisco 2.0 is an insightful look at the price of progress, and the challenges of holding onto a collective past. An HBO Production. 

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