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Beauty Pageant Competitions (04:50)


Despite her disability, Abbey Curran participated in several beauty pageants; she won the Miss Iowa USA Pageant in 2008. Curran started the Miss You Can Do It Pageant for girls with special needs and challenges.

Non-profit Pageant (01:36)

The Miss You Can Do It Pageant is about the beauty behind the challenge; everybody receives an award. Young contestants discuss participating in the pageant.

Tierney, Contestant #5 (01:56)

Tierney, age five, has Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type II; she has a 40% chance to live to the age of seven. Tierney chases after butterflies in her wheelchair.

Miss You Can Do It Contestants (03:27)

Kenna, contestant #23, has a comprehension disability. Ali, contestant #32, was born with spina bifida; she has had nine surgeries.

Pampering the Contestants (03:56)

Miss You Can Do It contestants get their hair and makeup done. Teyanna, contestant #12, was stillborn, but doctors brought her back; she has cerebral palsy.

Pageant Interviews (04:13)

Contestants participate in a 2-3 minute interview with a panel of judges. See Ali and Kenna's interview. Curran reflects on the interviews.

Delaney, Contestant #6 (02:09)

Delaney has cerebral palsy. She participates in a 2-3 minute interview with a panel of judges. Her parents state that her biggest frustration is a lack of independence.

Living with Cerebral Palsy (05:04)

Pageant judges discuss Curran as a role model. Her parents discuss her development; see home videos of Curran as a child. Teyanna participates in a 2-3 minute interview with a panel of judges

Meg, Contestant #21 (03:32)

Meg is shy during her interview with the panel of judges. Her mother discusses learning Meg has Down syndrome and deciding to adopt a girl with Down syndrome from the Ukraine.

Alina, Contestant #20 (03:12)

Meg and Alina's parent discuss their adoption experience with Alina and their children participating in a pageant. Alina participates in a 2-3 minute interview with a panel of judges.

Tierney's Interview (04:33)

Tierney participates in a 2-3 minute interview with a panel of judges. Parents of contestants share their feelings about their children and participating in the pageant. Meg and Alina's parents describe an incident of vandalism.

Pageant Night (05:34)

Contestants participate in the evening gown competition; hear comments from their parents. Curran is a role model for Delaney.

Teyanna's Evening Gown (02:50)

Teyanna reads a portion of her award winning essay. She participates in the evening gown competition. Teyanna plans to walk in the competition next year.

Awards Ceremony (04:17)

Contestants receive awards for their participation in the pageant. Delaney is crowned Miss You Can Do it.

Credits: Miss You Can Do It (01:12)

Credits: Miss You Can Do It

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For children with a learning or physical disability, the focus is often on what’s wrong. Miss You Can Do It celebrates what’s right. This uplifting HBO Documentary Film chronicles the efforts of Abbey Curran, a former Miss Iowa USA and the first woman with a disability to compete in the Miss USA Pageant®, and eight girls with various disabilities as they participate in the Miss You Can Do It pageant. Created in 2004 by Curran (who has cerebral palsy), Miss You Can Do It offers girls with special needs the opportunity to be celebrated and not defined by what the world sees on the outside. The girls and their families travel from all over the country to Kewanee, Illinois (Curran’s hometown) to participate in a weekend-long event where the girls’ inner beauty and abilities reign. Unlike traditional pageants, the contestants are not judged by the fit of their gown but on how brightly their hearts shine. No one leaves the pageant empty handed, with each girl receiving a special award, and as we see, the real winners of the pageant might just be the family and friends who proudly cheer them on from the audience. An HBO Production. 

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