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McGreevey for Governor (02:25)


Jim Mcreevey shoots campaign videos in 2001. View footage of his victory in New Jersey. He discusses his attraction to being in the spotlight.

Coming Out (02:57)

McGreevey resigns in 2004 and admits on public television to having an affair with a male aide. He describes the journey towards self-acceptance at an Arizona therapy center.

Act II (02:50)

McGreevey and his wife divorced after he resigned as governor. He now lives with his partner Mark in a large house.

Celebrating Personal Truth (02:58)

McGreevey apologizes in his farewell speech in 2004. He recalls a sudden silence in his life after resigning as governor. He attends a book signing for his memoir; hear a passage about his addiction to fame and social acceptance.

Search for Meaning (03:08)

After resigning as governor, McGreevey felt empty. He visits low income communities in Newark and works with women in prison—a vocation he feels called to do.

Counseling Female Inmates (02:34)

McGreevey explains why he feels called to work with women in prison. Women say he is uplifting.

Faith Struggle (03:06)

McGreevey discusses how the Catholic Church taught him that homosexuality was evil—but he felt accepting being gay was a moment of transcendence. He became a priest at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Hoboken.

Integrity House (02:02)

At a rehabilitation center, McGreevey helps a woman get her life back together after prison time and a drug addiction. She explains how his story empowers her to take second chance.

Family Separation (03:01)

Ashley has told her children she is trying to become a better mother while in prison. McGreevey leads a prayer during a family visiting day. Ashley's daughters do not want to leave.

Straight Governor vs. Gay Priest (02:20)

McGreevey seems to know everyone on the street. He reflects on his former life as a heterosexual politician. View talk show hosts making jokes about his coming out speech.

Valuing Every Person (03:42)

McGreevey tracks down a woman who missed her probation appointment and offers to buy her breakfast. He leads a prison counseling session and compares being in the closet to being incarcerated. Lisa, an inmate, discusses how he has given her new self-confidence.

First Day of Freedom (02:46)

McGreevey takes Lisa to breakfast after she's released from prison. Her daughters talk about her addiction. She says jail has helped her reset priorities; McGreevey expresses faith in her.

Christmas (02:08)

Lisa feels grateful to be invited to McGreevey's home for a holiday party; his faith gives her self-confidence. Female inmates sing carols and enjoy pie.

Priesthood Debate (02:04)

An Episcopal reverend says that McGreevey is morally qualified to be a priest, but his bid to be ordained is rejected. Some believe the Church is concerned about his political scandal.

Seeing the Good in People (02:46)

McGreevey stops by Cheryl's house to discuss a job interview he has set up. Her roommate says she is not in, but Lisa thinks she is getting high. McGreevey talks about his motives for becoming a prison minister.

Fresh Start (04:05)

McGreevey attends the Integrity House graduation and a baptism. He reflects on where he would be if he had not resigned as governor. He believes everyone should have a second chance.

Credits: Fall to Grace (01:32)

Credits: Fall to Grace

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In 2004, after a scandal broke of his extramarital affair with another man, New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey famously resigned from office after declaring himself a “gay American” live on television. Since his departure, McGreevey has reinvented himself, ministering to female inmates in prison and completing seminary training to become ordained. Now able to look back on his former self – including his “addiction” to the limelight, the tabloid obsession with his coming out, and his ex-wife’s lawsuit and public custody battle – McGreevey appears to have found happiness and purpose in his open and honest life. In this revealing 46-minute documentary, award-winning filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi follows McGreevey as he studies to become an Episcopalian priest and motivates incarcerated women into believing they are worthy of a second chance. Through archival news footage, interviews with the people whose lives he’s touched, and with the politico himself, we see that McGreevey often practices what he preaches, and heeds his own advice in order to make peace with his own journey. An HBO Production. 

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