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Photography by Blind Artists (01:48)


Sighted photographers marvel at the ability of non-sighted people to perceive light. "Sight Unseen" exhibits accomplished blind photographers.

Pete Eckert (02:46)

Eckert lost his vision to Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). Douglas McCulloh explains how Eckert produces his work beginning with mental construction. Eckert photographs a diner and discusses losing his vision.

Henry Butler (01:44)

Butler had infantile glaucoma which resulted in the loss of sight. He began playing piano at the age of six. Vibrations allow him to enjoy photography.

Bruce Hall (02:20)

Hall was born with an under developed optic nerve. He shoots underwater photographs; he uses cameras to see. McCulloh discusses the elements of Hall's photographs.

Hall's New Project (01:51)

Hall photographs his twin autistic sons; their functional life skills are low. McCulloh reflects on the images capturing two levels of chaos. Photography is a form of therapy for Hall.

Becoming a Photographer (02:59)

Sighted photographers reflect on sight and the ability to understand an image. Butler, Hall, and Eckert discuss their photography beginnings.

Images from a Non-Sighted Place (02:08)

Sighted photographers reflect on seeing images and knowing a camera. Douglas McCulloh thought blind photography would be "chancy."

Painting with Light (03:03)

Eckert discusses his artistic approach to photography. He has complete control of his art.

Photographing New Orleans (04:31)

Butler photographs the interior of his house that was damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Andrea assists Butler on many projects. Butler enjoys photographing people.

Macro Shots (02:10)

Hall uses an underwater digital Nikon camera. His lack of eyesight leads him in different directions. Seeing his images once he returns home is always a surprise.

Blind Photographers (02:22)

McCulloh describes blind photographers as "highly determined individuals." Sighted photographers review prints from blind artists. Butler, Eckert, and Hall reflect on the joy of their work.

Credits: Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers (02:02)

Credits: Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers

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Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers

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Directed and produced by award-winning photographer/filmmaker Neil Leifer, this 31-minute documentary demonstrates, through an extreme example, how creative people with disabilities are transcending their limitations to create art. The subjects in Dark Light: The Art of Blind Photographers have been drawn to photography for different reasons, whether to create an image for the sighted world that they hold in their mind, or to capture an image experienced through nature (as is the case for one legally-blind scuba diver). As we see, each artist displays a drive and passion to create, and views the medium of photography as an opportunity rather than impossibility. Several professional, sighted photographers are interviewed by Leifer in the film; though each is initially skeptical about the ability of a blind person to take effective photos, they are all eventually swayed by the zeal and brio with which these artists work. An HBO Production. 

Length: 31 minutes

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