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Veterans Crisis Hotline (02:08)


American veterans are killing themselves at a rate of 22 a day, that is nearly one every hour. The Veterans Crisis Line is the front-line in the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' battle against suicide. The center receives over 22,000 calls each month.

I Am My Own Weapon (03:15)

Darlene, a crisis responder, speaks with an Afghanistan War veteran who suffers from flashbacks, repetitive dreams, and night sweats. Carolina, an emergency rescue coordinator, keeps local police on-alert during the call.

Police Welfare Check (02:25)

The veteran's wife arrives home and speaks to Darlene. Darlene sends the police to conduct a welfare check. When the police arrive, the veteran's wife ends the call. Beth, a senior responder, checks-up on Darlene.

No Shame in Asking For Help (04:23)

Robert, an emergency rescue coordinator, speaks with local police about an Iraq War veteran threatening to cut himself with a razor and bleed out. Barbara, a crisis responder, keeps him on the line, while emergency medical services gets to him.

Veteran's Choice (01:18)

Roberts explains the range of emotions he experiences after a veteran commits suicide. The Crisis Line employs about 250 responders, each with training in mental health, and 25% are veterans.

Purple Heart (03:48)

Maureen, a crisis responder, is on the phone with an Afghanistan War veteran who is playing with an ammunition clip. Maureen makes a connection between the preparation needed to face a war battle with the preparation needed to face the mental battle of depression.

Emotional Breakdown (03:38)

Luis, a crisis responder, speaks with a veteran from the 1983 Lebanon crisis. The veteran's mother is present, but he refuses an ambulance. Luis explains his personal difficulty coming back from war and working with wounded warriors.

Nature of War (03:36)

Eric, a responder, explains how the reality of war involves killing civilian women and children. He speaks with a Vietnam veteran who has overdosed on 12 hydrocodone and 12 muscle relaxers. Local police reach the veteran before he fades out.

Exhaust All Options (03:48)

Bob, a responder supervisor, describes a call the crisis hotline received with little, but concerning information. An hour later, the veteran does not answer his phone. The team attempts to triangulate the call.

Suicide Watch (01:39)

The team gets confirmation that the caller is stationed at Pearl Harbor. Bob requests that military personnel check-up on the active duty soldier. An officer confirms the caller was taken to Tripler Army Medical Center for further evaluation.

Christmas Eve (03:25)

Maureen, a crisis responder, explains how some calls remain in her memory. She speaks with a mother who claims her son, a 47-year-old veteran, is in the desert threatening to kill himself.

Hopelessness (05:15)

After 20 minutes, the mother convinces her son to not commit suicide, and return home. Maureen speaks to her supervisor about possible next steps. Thirty minutes later, Maureen speaks with the veteran.

Credits: Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1 (00:54)

Credits: Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1

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Today, more soldiers are lost to suicide than on the battlefield. After serving their country overseas, many military veterans in their darkest moments turn to the unique services of the Veterans Crisis Line to help with traumas like post-traumatic stress, depression, homelessness and drug dependence. This 40-minute documentary is an intimate look at the vital work of several responders who provide life-saving intervention and desperately needed referrals through the 24-hour Veterans Crisis Line, which provides support and hope to active and retired service members. Directed by Ellen Goosenberg Kent (Wartorn: 1861-2010, Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq), and produced by Dana Perry (Boy Interrupted), the film focuses on the intense, and at times chilling, calls received by the crisis line and the dedicated work of the responders and rescue coordinators+E14 who help distraught veterans find reasons to live. An HBO Production. 

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