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Introduction: Mother Teresa: Saint of Darkness (01:19)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of Mother Teresa. See her riding a bus.

India's Poverty (02:42)

Mother Teresa's has served the poor in Calcutta, India for over 10 years. Approximately 1,000 slums encircle the city that was once a royal residence in the British Empire. See the slum district of Motijhil.

Service for the Poor (02:54)

Mother Andrea, a doctor, visits with Maiti who met Mother Teresa when she was young. On October 7, 1950, Mother Teresa and her sisters establish Missionaries of Charity.

Missionary Training (03:38)

Novice sisters train for their duties. They have eight years to learn the frugal and strict life of the order. Mother Teresa receives strong support from Calcutta's wealthy.

Self-Less Servitude (03:17)

Mother Teresa's confessor, Father Neuner, describes the depth of her faith. Psychiatrist Margot Schmitz analyzes Mother Teresa's relationship with God.

Portraits of Mother Teresa (03:01)

Portraits taken by Rai show the internal struggle Mother Teresa experienced. Rai describes her intensity and pain. Mother Teresa seeks new ways to satisfy her yearning for God.

Hospice in Kalighat (02:44)

Mother Teresa worked with hospice and slum dwellers in their final hours. She describes her job as "guiding the souls of the dying to God."

Second Calling (02:35)

On September 10, 1946 Mother Teresa heard the call from God. Father Neuner believes she was losing herself in obsessive devotion and attempts to lower her expectations of God.

A Smile Conceals Pain (03:12)

Mother Teresa's order spans the globe. The sisters allow themselves no comforts and no distractions from God and their mission. Mother Teresa helped orphaned children during her missionary work.

Commitment to the Catholic Church (04:47)

Margot Schmitz analyzes Mother Teresa's complex relationship with pain and love. Experts discuss her youth and the foundation of her religious beliefs.

Leprosy: Disease of the Poor (04:17)

The impression of not being loved by God brings Mother Teresa closer to the poor. She jumps into action when the only leprosy hospital is closed.

Icon of Charity (03:26)

Helmut Schuller explains how suffering cannot be made heroic. In spite of her doubts, Mother Teresa tirelessly peruses her mission. On December 10, 1979, she receives the Nobel Peace Prize.

World Travels (05:14)

Pope John Paul II's visit to Calcutta is a major media event. While the Pope shows admiration for her work, Mother Teresa remains alone with her tormented soul. She uses the political stage for her campaign against abortion.

Spiritual Crisis (04:07)

Father Albert Huart describes the type of happiness Mother Teresa experienced. Schmitz discusses the excessive work ethic of Mother Teresa and her physical burn out.

Mother Teresa's Death (02:48)

Mother Teresa is the world's most famous nun. Her brother tried to prevent her from joining a convent.

Credits: Mother Teresa: Saint of Darkness (00:40)

Credits: Mother Teresa: Saint of Darkness

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Recently published personal letters and notes reveal Mother Teresa's profound spiritual crisis and shake the image of the pious nun to its foundations. In this film, intimate confessions show the moral icon of the 20th century in a different light. The woman who achieved worldwide recognition for her life among the beggars and dying in the slums of Calcutta often felt lonely and empty inside. Learn about her life story, unsettling and provocative in equal measure.

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