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Artificial Insemination (02:07)


Chris McComiskie receives hands-on experience with the reproductive system of a cow. Soon, he will be working with a live cow.

Home Visit (02:40)

Susie Clohessy takes a break from her studies and checks-up on Bailey's condition. Bailey has made a full recovery.

Stephanie Austin (03:45)

Stephanie, a fifth year student, is on assignment at a cat shelter to experience shelter medicine. She performs feline euthanasia.

Pete Ricci (03:13)

Pete, a fourth year student, experiences panic attacks when preparing for exams. He battles with stress management, and awaits the results of an exam he had to retake.

Emergency Call (03:06)

At Cat Haven, Stephanie receives an emergency call on the mistreatment of cats by a known cat hoarder; the team rescues 26 cats.

Searching for a Fetus (03:22)

Chris must figure out which of the university's 100 head of cattle are pregnant.

Cattle Epidural (04:09)

Pete receives a 53% on his exam, a passing score. He joins his fellow fourth-year students in learning how to give an epidural anesthesia. Jade Ridsdale struggles with a fully conscious animal.

Mass Euthanasia (03:25)

Back at Cat Haven, Stephanie learns every cat rescued has a highly contagious cat flu. She must take part in euthanizing 26 cats, 17 of which are kittens.

Credits: Vet School: Part 2 (00:40)

Credits: Vet School: Part 2

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Vet School: Part 2

Part of the Series : Vet School
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Veterinarian students at Murdoch University face the toughest year of their academic course. After four intense years of books, lectures, and theory, they will turn theory into practice. For the first time, students will be involved in all aspects of pet care; from critical operations to frontline emergency care, treating everything from farm births to severe animal trauma. In part two of this six-part series Chris McComiskie learns about cattle reproduction, Pete Ricci nervously awaits his exam results, and Stephanie Austin faces the difficult task of mass euthanasia. 

Length: 28 minutes

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