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Susie Clohessy (02:47)


Susie, a fifth year student, begins her day in the surgery department. Her first case is an 18-month-old dog, Bailey, who has been hit by a car. A CT scan is necessary to decide if Bailey needs surgery.

Facing Hardships (01:55)

Bailey's owner cannot justify paying $1,500 for Bailey's CT scan. Without surgery, all Susie can do is hope that Bailey's injuries will heal.

Jade Ridsdale (04:09)

Jade, a fourth year student, performs her first surgery,— an exploratory operation on a sheep. She must locate one of the sheep's four stomachs.

Bladder Issues (03:19)

Bailey's condition takes a turn for the worse; he is no longer able to urinate on his own. Bailey's owner decides to provide at-home care.

Incision Time (03:25)

Jade makes her first incision into the sheep's abdomen; she must complete the task before the sheep's sedative wears off. After the operation, Jade monitors the sheep to make sure it makes a full recovery.

Chris McComiskie (05:00)

Chris, a fifth year student, handles a wild snake in need of stitches. Fellow student Berit Owen sutures the snake.

Bailey's Battle (04:45)

Bailey returns to Murdoch and his condition has deteriorated. His owner decides to give him one more chance to improve.

Credits: Vet School: Part 1 (00:40)

Credits: Vet School: Part 1

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Vet School: Part 1

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Veterinarian students at Murdoch University face the toughest year of their academic course. After four intense years of books, lectures, and theory, they will turn theory into practice. For the first time, students will be involved in all aspects of pet care; from critical operations to frontline emergency care, treating everything from farm births to severe animal trauma. In part one of this six-part series, Susie Clohessy receives her first case, Jade Ridsdale conducts her first surgery, and Chris McComiskie handles a snake. 

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