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GMO Crusader Fights for Kids’ Right to Know: Introduction (02:09)


Silver Donald Cameron introduces Rachel Parent and her crusade to get GMO foods labelled. Parent explains GMO and its two main commercialized traits— pesticide-producing and herbicide-resistant. She discusses the difference between hybridization and GMO.

Why Genetically Modify Organisms? (03:08)

Companies can patent genetically modified seeds; farmers have to continually purchase the seeds. Parent discusses cases where farmers went to court because of GMO pollination.

GMO Benefits (02:07)

Parent discusses the original declared benefits of GMO seeds and the actuality of farming with them.

Solving Hunger Issues (04:19)

Parent states that lack of proper distribution, lack of proper farming and irrigation, and lack of farmer education are the root causes of a country's inability to solve hunger. She explains the connection between GMO seeds, poverty, and suicide.

GMO Testing (02:14)

Parent states the FDA and Health Canada do not perform independent testing. She explains her conversation with Health Canada officials about who is responsible for GMO labeling; corporations are responsible for testing.

GMO Health Risks (01:23)

Parent discusses adverse effects of consuming foods produced from genetically modified seeds and the inability to link them without labeling.

GMO Labeling (03:52)

Parent discusses the support of motion M-480 to label GMOs and Agricultural Minister Gerry Ritz's position on mandatory labeling; Cameron quotes Ritz.

Label Resistance (03:07)

Parent reflects on why Ritz and members of the food industry are scared of GMO labeling. She discusses declining stocks and fear of glyphosate.

DARK Act (02:51)

This U.S. bill does not allow individual states to have GMO labeling; Canada and the U.S. are the only industrialized nations that do not require mandatory GMO labeling. Parent shares her feelings about GMOs.

GM Animals (05:59)

Parent discusses the introduction of genetically modified animals and the potential impact of GMO salmon.

Researching Our Food System (04:43)

Parent discusses starting her GMO crusade in the 6th grade and the influence of her family. Her school project was an "eye opener."

Making a Difference (05:14)

Parent believes everybody has a deep sense of what is right and wrong; many people want to do what is right for the planet but do not know how. She discusses youth taking action despite fear and a sense of apathy as a result of being overwhelmed.

Kids Right to Know (02:11)

Parent discusses the evolution of her website and her organization's use of social media. Kids Right to Know has a core group of 12 volunteers.

Parent's World Travels (02:00)

Parent discusses Vandana Shiva and what she learned on her trip to India, and describes what it was like to spend four days with Patch Adams.

Gandhi's Influence (02:04)

Parent believes that Gandhi is a role model for activists.

GMO Crusader Fights for Kids’ Right to Know: Wrap-Up and Additional Resources (00:42)

Cameron reiterates the role of Rachel Parents in the fight against GMOs and suggests other Green Interviews.

Credits: GMO Crusader Fights for Kids’ Right to Know: Rachel Parent (00:15)

Credits: GMO Crusader Fights for Kids’ Right to Know: Rachel Parent

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GMO Crusader Fights for Kids’ Right to Know: Rachel Parent

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This episode of the Green Interview features 16-year-old Rachel Parent who has made a remarkable impact on the global debate about the benefits and dangers of industrial food. At 11 years of age she had to do a speech for her class. She decided to talk about food. When she began to research the food she was eating—the same food most of us eat, the standard fare of people in the industrialized world—she was horrified. She was particularly concerned about genetically modified foods and by the fact that consumers don’t even get to know that they’re eating such foods because Canada and the United States don’t even require that food with GM ingredients be labeled. She began her own one-person crusade to get those foods labelled so that people can choose whether or not to eat them. She created a website and a movement called Kids Right to Know. Since then she’s reached literally millions of people around the world, speaking to enormous crowds debating business spokesman on national TV, being covered extensively in the media.

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