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No Longer Victims: Introduction (01:19)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of domestic violence with excerpts from the program.

Living with an Abusive Husband (03:07)

Rachel Chung was happy with her husband before they married; verbal abuse started shortly after the wedding. Rachel felt trapped in the marriage.

Leading a Double Life (02:26)

Rachel's relationship with her husband worsened after the birth of their child and the loss of his job. Rachel describes abusive incidents; she went to the emergency room several times. Rachel hid the abuse from family and friends.

Domestic Violence (03:01)

In Singapore, police receive 3,000 spousal abuse reports each year. Rachel stayed with her husband until he threw their daughter against a wall; her husband filed for a protection order against Rachel.

Domestic Violence Survey (01:18)

A 2010 survey revealed that 9.2% of women in Singapore experienced physical violence or sexual abuse by their partners. Power, control, and dominance are the driving forces behind domestic violence.

Asserting Dominance (04:12)

Mira's husband became abusive when she was seven months pregnant; the abuse became a weekly affair after the birth of their son. Mira describes public and emotional abuse. Corinna Lim states that emotional abuse often leaves deeper scars than physical abuse.

Hiding Abuse (04:02)

Mira hid the abuse from her family; her husband's family ignored the abuse. Mira obtained a PPO during the first year of marriage. Mira's husband spent 6 months in jail after slashing her face with a knife; he was recently released.

Spousal Violence (02:54)

Lim reflects on Singapore society's response to violence. Approximately 40% of marriages in Singapore are between a citizen and a foreigner; 3% of abuse victims who seek help are foreign wives. Abusers often threaten their wives with lack of citizenship.

Fear of Losing Citizenship (02:45)

Voo is afraid to divorce her husband because she is not a permanent resident in Singapore. She describes early challenges in her marriage and the emergence of abuse.

Dependency and Abuse (03:56)

Voo describes incidents of abuse. Yearly, she has to renew her long-term social visit pass to remain in Singapore; she works to gain her independence. Benny Bong states that the law does not recognize verbal and emotional abuse.

Singapore Citizenship (02:01)

Voo's daughter will be old enough to be her mother's guarantor in two years. Some foreign spouses have difficulty obtaining citizenship because they lack education. Lim discusses issues with the immigration policy.

Issues of Shame (03:52)

A 2010 survey revealed that in Singapore, 1 in 3 victims of domestic violence have a university degree or post graduate education. AWARE members discuss why domestic violence intervention is minimal. Rachel and Mira share why they hid the abuse.

Silent Victims (04:38)

Robert offered to help Lina after he learned his friend was abusing her; she is afraid to leave. Robert discusses the difficulty of reporting abuse to the authorities. Lim states that violence will only stop if the community is proactive; she cites Battered Wife Syndrome.

AWARE Workshop (02:55)

Advocates question gender stereotypes and declare a change; learn the three typical responses to domestic violence. Abuse will continue until societal attitudes change. Lim discusses the "We Can!" campaign.

Victim to Victor (02:28)

Rachel discusses the responses she receives to her story of abuse. Mira reflects on her changed response to the scar on her face. Rachel shares her story at an AWARE workshop.

Credits: No Longer Victims: Part 4—Silent Screams (00:36)

Credits: No Longer Victims: Part 4—Silent Screams

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Affluent, educated, safe—this is Singapore’s public face. But like other Asian countries, its society hides secrets. This episode of Silent Screams looks into the world of abused spouses in Singapore. A 2010 survey revealed that over 9% of women experience physical or sexual abuse from their partners and one third of the victims have a college degree. Follow the stories of Rachel, Mira, and Voo as they share their experiences of abuse, victimization, and shame. 

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