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Freedom to Love: Introduction (01:37)


In India, a newlywed lives as a fugitive. This segment orients viewers to the topics of living in fear and honor killings with excerpts from the program.

Family Fugitives (02:15)

Anuradha and her husband Brijesh live in constant fear, accused of ruining family honor. Traditional khap panchayats have no legal authority but continue to issue rulings; the informal committee ostracized Brijesh's family.

Power of Village Panchayats (02:30)

The Sarv Khap declared any marriages within a distance of eight villages incest; Panchayat spokesman Bharat Singh explains the ruling. Anuradha and Brijesh eloped and move constantly. Policeman Satheesh Balan discusses the difficulty of these types of cases.

Betrayed by Police (01:31)

Brijesh states that the Utlar Pradesh police wanted to kill him and Anuradha; police beat Brijesh's father. The police informed Anuradha's family of their whereabouts, forcing the couple to live deeper in hiding.

Once a Family Favorite (03:11)

Prathiba lives in fear; she fell in love with a Dalit. Prathiba describes falling in love with Srinivasan and her family's reaction. Srinivasan worked to support his parents.

Living in Fear (03:25)

Srinivasan and Prathiba eloped and went into hiding; Prathiba's family claimed Srinivasan and his father abducted her. Srinivasan's mother discusses the family reputation; Srinivasan feels guilty and cannot face his father. Prathiba's father gave the order to kill her and Srinivasan on sight.

Surrendering to Police (02:20)

Police took Srinivasan's father into custody. Prathiba made a formal statement that she willingly married Srinivasan. Prathiba describes the circumstances of her miscarriage; the couple returned to hiding.

Rhotak Murders (02:19)

The alleged suspect is unrepentant about the death of two young people. In September 2013, police locate the beheaded body of a young man and female human remains in a fire. On condition of anonymity, a person explains the story of the murdered couple.

Murdered Couple (02:32)

Nidhi and Dharmender eloped. They asked a friend for help, but Nidhi's family members arrived; they forced the couple back to the village and killed them. Nidhi's father, mother, and uncle were arrested for murder.

Honor Killings (03:03)

Many communities resent the involvement of media and police in honor killings; they believe honor killings are justified in unapproved marriages. Dr. Daulat Ran Choudhary explains how honor killings are rooted in the structure of society. NCW President Shamina Shafiq questions Dharmender's brother about going to the police.

Khap Influence (03:51)

Lawyer Colin Gonsalves believes honor killings are a response to freedom of choice; Singh denies khaps are behind honor killings. Inderjit Singh openly criticizes honor killings. Khaps demand the Supreme Court revise the Hindu marriage act.

Honor Killing in the Headlines (02:53)

Manoj and Babli eloped and Babli's family complained to the police. The couple's lawyer, Lal Bahandur, discusses khap involvement. The court upheld the couple's marriage, angering Babli's famiy and the Jat community.

Jat Community (03:13)

Community consent for marriage is important. Bahandur discusses the actions of the Khap, Babli's family, and the police after the couple eloped. Babli's family killed the couple.

Authoritative Powers (04:13)

Manoj's family did not know of his murder for several days. Experts discuss the mindset of Indian authorities. A judge sentenced Babli's family members to death for the murder of Babli and Manoj; they appealed and received life in prison.

Evidence Organization (02:51)

A Madurai-based organization works to help Srinivasan and Prathiba. The Madras High Court validated their marriage and ordered police protection for the couple.

Future of Khap Power (02:54)

Anuradha and Brijesh hope for a better future. Singh discusses the mainstream political leadership's unwillingness to take a stand against khaps. Modernity may help depose khap authority over marriages.

Credits: Freedom to Love: Part 2—Silent Screams (00:51)

Credits: Freedom to Love: Part 2—Silent Screams

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The caste system in India was outlawed over 60 years ago, but the power of khap panchayats remains. For thousands of young women across the country, what began as a tale of romance lead to the unimaginable; fathers, uncles, and brothers turned killers… all in the name of honor. In this film, follow the story of three couples who defied village tradition and married. Anuradha, Brijesh, Srinivasan, and Prathiba live in fear that family members will find their whereabouts and kill them. Chanderpati and Seema grieve the loss of Manoj after Babli's family members brutally murdered the couple in retaliation for their marriage. Village authority is deeply rooted in society, but will the power of modernity bring about change?

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