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DevOps: Getting Started (08:00)


Speak to testers, developers, and managers to determine what needs to be improved. Create a thorough process that continues throughout development and operation. Aiello examines a combination of technical and interpersonal factors to determine whether a team can deploy code as needed that is effective and efficient.

Conclusion - Understanding DevOps (06:53)

Best Practices include shift left, ensure the deployment method is the same across all environments, right shift, reliability, and continuous testing. Creating a DevOps culture takes time; use an incremental approach. Aiello suggests that the team suggest improvements and do not assume everything is broken.

Daily Beatings (03:30)

In 2009, Yan married Tan Yong. Hear examples of the violent acts Yong committed against Yan and excerpts from Yan's diary. Yan's brother, Li Dehuai, learned about the abuse from her diary.

Accepting Abuse (03:06)

Experts discuss public attitudes toward violence and helping abuse victims; one in four women experiences spousal abuse. Hear excerpts from Yan's diary. Fearing her husband would kill her, she sought help from authorities.

Yan Kills her Husband (03:24)

After experiencing two years of domestic violence, Yan killed Yong. In 2011, she was found guilty of intentional homicide and sentenced to death. An expert discusses Abused Woman Syndrome.

Crossing Social Divides (04:09)

In China, one in four women experience domestic violence. Kim Lee met Li Yang at Crazy English; they married and had three daughters. Lee reflects on the first violent incident she experienced with Yang and the reactions of those around her.

Protecting the Abuser (03:26)

Lee covered the abuse from her husband; he put her in the hospital twice. She discusses the last assault that led her to seek help from the police; the police were reluctant to intervene because of Yang's fame.

Public Relations Battle (02:50)

Lee posted pictures of her wounds on Weibo; she received support from strangers. Yang apologized to his wife through Weibo and began a PR offensive on public television; he made excuses for the beatings.

Televised Court Proceedings (02:57)

In February 2013, Lee filed for divorce on the grounds of domestic violence. The court issued the first ever protection order and ordered $8,000 in compensation; only 74 courts across China can issue protection orders. The Internet is an avenue of help for abused women.

Marriage Turns Abusive (03:04)

Lui Sailang's marriage started changing after eight years and her husband's affair with her sister-in-law. Sailang describes the abuse and reflects on her marriage before the violence.

Hiding Abuse (03:49)

Sailang's mother told her to keep the abuse private. Sailang describes an attack on her and her mother. Sailang's brother beat her husband who later died; the police arrested Sailang's brother.

Staying in an Abusive Relationship (03:07)

In 2011, researchers found that 70% of women imprisoned for killing their husbands were victims of abuse. Lawyer, Lu Xiaoqian discusses victims' attitudes of acceptance. Dehuai fights for Yan's life; he believes her case caused their father's death.

"Bloody Brides" (02:26)

A group of young women campaign against domestic violence. Yan's case was referred to the Supreme People's Court; Dehuai works to commute his sister's death sentence.

Life after Abuse (02:01)

Dehuai brings items to the detention center where Yan is held; he fears Yan will be executed without the family's knowledge. Sailang describes life since her brother killed her husband.

Hope for the Future (03:22)

Lee's husband refuses to pay the court settlement; she visits the police station to reinstate the protection order. A law addressing domestic violence in China could go into effect by 2015. Hear a letter one of Lee's children wrote about her father.

Credits: Behind Closed Doors: Part 1—Silent Screams (00:29)

Credits: Behind Closed Doors: Part 1—Silent Screams

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In China, one in four women suffers domestic abuse. Despite its prevalence, culture and tradition put pressure on victims to keep the abuse secret. In this film, victims of abuse share their stories and their legal battles for justice. Li Yan is behind bars for the murder of her husband; her brother fights for her life. Lui Sailang struggles to keep her family together after her brother killed her husband in retaliation for his abuse. Kim Lee, now more famous than her "Crazy English" husband, fights to make her husband accept his responsibility. 

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