Segments in this Video

Life's Networks (03:06)


Host Dan Rockmore describes man-made and natural networks. A network is a collection of entities that relate to one another.

Seven Bridges (03:04)

Rockmore discusses the work of Leonhard Euler, who in 1732 endeavored to solve Prussia's famous puzzle of the Konigsberg Bridges. Rockmore describes Euler's mathematical approach to the problem.

Euler's Work Today (04:38)

See how Euler's theories can be used in relation to snowplow routes. Rockmore uses flight to describe the importance of communication, connection, design, and measurement. Learn about the undirected graph.

Network Theory (03:45)

Rockmore notes that working the social network is easier with mathematics. He interviews Raissa D’Souza to understand the math behind social connections.

Small World Structure (04:39)

D'Souza uses buttons to explain nodes. She and Rockmore watch an example of social seeker Joe networking at a party.

Food Webs (04:48)

Neo Martinez describes the importance of math in his work looking at ecosystems as networks. He discusses the rise of network theory and non-linear dynamics in his field. He talks about the impact of the near extinction of sea otters in the 1800s.

Mathematics and Networks (02:07)

Check back in on Joe and his new friends as they embody small world dynamics. Listen to Rockmore's summary in which he deduces that "no man is an island."

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Connections can be physical, as with bridges, or immaterial, as with friendships. Both types of connections can be understood using the same mathematical framework called network theory, or graph theory, which is a way to abstract and quantify the notion of connectivity. This unit looks at how this branch of mathematics provides insights into extremely complicated networks such as ecosystems

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