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Dimensions (03:50)


Robert Heinlein writes "And He Built a Crooked House" in 1940. Rene Cartesius Descartes develops the idea of coordinates in 1637.

Perfect Date (01:45)

Rockmore uses a 3D Etch-A-Sketch to show what the 3 dimensions are. Maggie establishes 30 different parameters on a dating website.

3 Dimensions (04:39)

Rockmore interviews Greg Leibon to talk about 4 dimensions. The two discuss Edwin Abbott's 1884 book, "Flatland." Leibon explains what the 3D interruption of a 2D world would look like.

4th Dimension (03:45)

Leibon shows a cube enter a 2D world from different angles. Rockmore likens this process to x-rays. Leibon goes on to show a 4D object entering our 3D world.

Dream Date (01:05)

"Scientific American" holds a contest in 1910 to see how readers describe the 4th dimension. None of the entries mention time. Watch Maddie rush to a speed date, and gain a simple understanding of dimensions.

Take it to Infinity (05:54)

Leibon gives a simple description of dimension and space. Look at an example of a fractal.

Fractals at Work (05:09)

Karl Richter, an animator for Laika House discusses how fractal noise is used in his work. He shows how fractal algorithms are used in 3D space. Listen to a summary of this video.

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Many mathematical objects require more than length, width, and height to describe them. This unit explores different aspects of the concept of dimension, what it means to have higher dimensions, and how fractional or "fractal" dimensions may be better for measuring real-world objects such as ferns, mountains, and coastlines.

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