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Acids and Bases: Proton Voyage (03:37)


Hydrogen ions sometimes separate from a water molecule leaving a hydroxide and creating hydronium. Acids are proton donors and bases are proton acceptors. Learn about the pH scale and view an explanation of its logarithmic principle.

Corrosive Acids and Bases (04:27)

Hear how hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide solutions are formed. Watch magnesium metal react with the acid and aluminum foil react with the base. Mixed together in equal parts, they form a neutral pH of salt water.

A Cheesy Weak Solution (03:23)

Less than 1% of acetic acids dissociate in vinegar, compared to 100% in stomach hydrochloric acid. Learn about conjugate bases and dynamic equilibrium. Combined, acetic vinegar and milk separate curd from whey.

Baked Reactions (04:30)

Bakers discuss chemistry involved in the job. View chocolate cake ingredients according to pH and witness acids and bases combining to make batter. Compare finished versions with and without baking soda.

Acidic Pond (03:00)

A Vermont pond has a pH of 5; most fish and amphibians have died off. Fossil fuels add sulfur and nitrogen oxides to the atmosphere, resulting in acid rain. View a demonstration of limestone neutralizing acidic water.

Buffered Lemonade (02:44)

Our bodies have a 7.4 pH. Distilled water combined with lemonade lowers the pH from 7 to 5—a change that would be lethal. View a demonstration of why weak acids and bases neutralize the dissociation effect.

Removing Acids from the Body (04:09)

The body produces volatile acid daily as CO2. It is dissolved into carbonic acid and moved to the lungs in blood, a buffered solution, for expulsion. The kidneys use ammonia to neutralize dietary acid. Diabetic patients create excessive acid; learn about ketoacidosis and its treatment.

Credits: Acids and Bases: Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions (00:28)

Credits: Acids and Bases: Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions

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Acids and Bases: Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions

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Acid-base chemistry has a role in the food we eat and the innumerable reactions that keep the human body alive. Buffers can control pH, whether used in the lab or in the acid-base components of human blood. The role of acids and bases are shown in baking and cheese making. In the environment, we see the cost of acid rain in industrial areas of the world.

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