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Water Solutions (01:45)


There is a special place in chemistry for solutions that use water. Learn how to make a simple solution.

Brewing Coffee (06:40)

Miller explains the joy and process of brewing coffee. Learn what portion of the process is the solvent and what the solute is. Miller details the benefits of cold brewing coffee.

Water: The Great Solvent (02:00)

Brunet explores why water is such a great solvent. The water molecule is a polar molecule which reacts strongly with other molecules.

Solids in Solutions (03:25)

Watch as Rosenberg tries to react two solids by mixing lead nitrate and potassium iodine. Water allows for an even distribution.

Gases in Solution (04:51)

Learn about the ammonia fountain. This technique is a way to show how gas dissolves in water.

Carbon Dioxide in Water (07:01)

Reidel and his team measures the amount of carbon dioxide in the ocean. Their findings suggest that the ocean is becoming more acidic.

Credits: When Chemicals Meet Water: Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions (00:26)

Credits: When Chemicals Meet Water: Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions

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When Chemicals Meet Water: Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions

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Solution chemistry provides tools to measure the concentration of components of solutions, like the CO2 levels in ocean water. The majority of chemical reactions happen in solutions. For example, when we breathe, the nitrogen in the air dissolves in our blood. Henry's Law gives us the power to predict, prevent, and treat "the bends"—a life-threatening condition that can happen to SCUBA divers when nitrogen in the blood comes out of solution and forms gas bubbles.

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