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Classification Schemes (03:58)


Learn about the history of the periodic table and various ways elements have been organized.

Atomic Number (02:04)

Moseley found that the number of protons in the nucleus corresponded exactly with an element's spot on the periodic table. Radhakrishnan explains element reactivity.

Reactions of Alkali Metals (02:59)

Watch as Rosenberg experiments with the reactivity of alkali metals. A 1947 experiment drops 20,000 pounds of metallic sodium into a frozen lake.

Electron Configuration (03:16)

Radhakrishnan explains the electron configuration of elements on the table. Learn an important observed principle of electron transactions between atoms.

Alkaline Earth Metals (02:26)

Alkaline earth metals are compared to alkali metals. Rosenberg experiments with magnesium and calcium. All chemical reactions are sped up by using heat.

Orbital Blocks (03:48)

Radhakrishnan explains how the periodic table organizes elements into blocks. Learn about the history of Seaborg's actinide series.

Synthesizing New Elements (07:20)

Nuclear chemists have synthesized nearly two dozen additional elements. Learn the scientific steps involved in this process.

Credits: Organizing Atoms and Electrons: Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions (00:24)

Credits: Organizing Atoms and Electrons: Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions

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Organizing Atoms and Electrons: Chemistry: Challenges and Solutions

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For centuries, chemists tried to organize elements around patterns of chemical and physical trends. Physical characteristics, including atomic radius and reactivity, depend on electron configuration and can be teased from a careful understanding of the periodic table. Today the periodic table is continually updated as new heavy elements are synthesized in research laboratories.

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