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Introduction: Water Works: How Cities Work (01:10)


This brief overview of city water management orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

Colorado River Aqueduct (04:41)

Los Angeles depends on water that comes from the Colorado River via a man-made aqueduct. Follow along with a pilot as he checks for security threats and malfunctions along the aqueduct.

Lake Mathews (03:02)

Lake Mathews is the final reservoir on the Colorado River Aqueduct. Divers monitor the lake for mussel growth rates to see how frequently the mussels need to be cleared out.

Barcelona Desalination (04:44)

Barcelona residents convert sea water into drinking water during a drought. Learn about the purification process the water goes through before it is drinkable.

London Gateway (06:05)

Explore how water is used to transport goods. Dock workers race against the tides to move massive cranes from boat to land.

Danger on the River Thames (05:33)

The London Coast Guard is prepared for all types of emergency situations on the river. Follow along as emergency crews investigate reports that a person might have fallen into the river.

New York Fire Department (06:33)

The NYFD relies on a vast network of high-pressure fire hydrants. Follow along with firemen as they repair a hydrant that was hit by a car.

San Francisco Sewers (04:53)

City employees inspect the underground sewer tunnels for evidence of structural weakness. Learn about the safety protocol that workers must observe when working underground.

San Francisco Sewer Repair (04:17)

City employees deploy a robotic camera into the sewer to determine the cause of a blockage. Learn about the replacement of the main sewer line in the financial district.

Henriksdal Wastewater Treatment Plant (08:31)

Learn about the massive underground water treatment facility in Stockholm. Follow the water through the cleaning process to see how it is cleaned. The plant also creates biogas from the waste.

Credits: Water Works: How Cities Work (00:37)

Credits: Water Works: How Cities Work

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For centuries cities have been built near a fresh water supply. Without it we’d be lucky to live three days. But this most basic human need can be deadly too—get the supply wrong and it can poison us, get too close and it can drown us. And with every passing year the challenge of providing water to billions of people becomes harder and harder.

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