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Introduction: Food Fight: How Cities Work (01:28)


This brief overview of city food supply systems orients viewers with excerpts from the upcoming program.

New York City Delivery (02:21)

New Yorkers require a lot of food, and pizza is a popular meal. Learn about one local pizza parlor that offers pizza delivery via bicycle messenger.

Agricultural Factories (04:20)

Learn about the high-tech lettuce harvesting process at Earthbound Farm in the Salinas Valley area of California. Almost a quarter of America's homegrown food comes from California.

Processing Plants (04:40)

The lettuce harvested at Earthbound Farm travels to the processing plant where it is quickly washed, dried and packaged. Items are then transported to supermarkets.

Increasing Crop Yields (01:12)

The harvesters at Earthbound Farm leave the lettuce roots intact when harvesting, which allows the lettuce leaves to grow more quickly than they would if replanted.

Billingsgate Fish Market (10:58)

Almost one hundred tons of seafood go through the market on its way to restaurants and groceries throughout London. Learn about the high-quality standards and procedures at the market.

Sandwiches in the UK (06:11)

Visit the inside of a sandwich production factory. It must be decided how many sandwiches to make to minimize waste without running out of sandwiches. Explore the variety of sandwiches made at the factory.

Online Grocery Shopping (08:24)

Go behind the scenes at a large online-only grocery store. Customers order online, specify a delivery time and groceries are delivered right to their door.

Urban Farming (04:37)

Urban farmers in New York utilize rooftop real estate to grow food in greenhouses. Follow the plants from seeds to delivery truck to investigate this unique farm.

High-Tech Farming (03:21)

The Stockbridge Technology Centre in North Yorkshire cultivates plants in a windowless building under LED lights. Explore how different colors of light can be used to stimulate plant growth.

Pizza Delivery (01:56)

Ride along for a pizza delivery in new York City. The pizza being delivered was made with ingredients from all over the country.

Credits: Food Fight: How Cities Work (00:36)

Credits: Food Fight: How Cities Work

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Food: human life can’t exist without it. It’s a city’s most important source of energy. In New York alone, 8 million people consume 10,000 tons of food every day. With demand for food in the city so high, the restaurants and supermarkets must be restocked on a daily basis. Without new supplies, cities will run out of fresh food in a matter of days.

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