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We turn on the shower and there’s clean water. We buy food grown on the other side of the world from the shop next door. We get the train, tube or light railway into the office. We boot up the computer and there’s power. Our cities are like huge complex living organisms and just like the human body; our cities rely on its vital organs—its infrastructure—power, transport, food, water, and buildings to keep it and the people who live and work there alive. This series explores how these vital systems work. If our cities are to prosper bold new solutions are needed. We will visit many of the ingenious engineering projects and vital enterprises that will keep our cities running in the years to come. Actuality will drive the narrative. We’ll meet the individuals who perform surprising and unseen tasks that keep the power on and the water flowing.

Length: 300 minutes

Item#: BVL109733

ISBN: 978-1-68272-757-7

Copyright date: ©2013

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