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NYD: Not Yet Diagnosed 52 min.

Chloe Atkins' medical history runs more than 500 pages. She has been hospitalized repeatedly with visibly life-threatening symptoms-yet no doctor has been able to diagnose her illness. Is it Munchausen Syndrome? Is it a psychosomatic disorder? Or is it something unknown to medical science? In this provocative program, hosted by renowned actress Margot Kidder, Chloe and medical experts examine her...

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 1997

Handling Difficult Questions 25 min.

This video illustrates how healthcare professionals should respond to patients who have not yet been told about their conditions.

Formats: DVDStreaming Copyright Date: 2009

Parenting BASICS - Nutrition: Readiness for Solids (7-12 Months) 3 min.

Learn how to tell if your baby is ready for solids and what to do if they are not yet ready.

Formats: Streaming Copyright Date: 2016

Career Options for Women: Emerging Opportunities

Women who have succeeded in historically male-dominated occupations-many of them in technology, transportation, and high-skilled labor-are spotlighted in this 35-part series. Revealing the personal experiences and insights of women in a wide range of cutting-edge fields, the series raises viewer awareness, confidence, and excitement about career opportunities. Young women who have not yet entered...

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Episode 2: 1930s & The Father of Film Music 35 min.

As fascism grew in Germany, the great artists who had not yet escaped Europe were now leaving and heading to Hollywood. Max Steiner, “The Father of the Film Score” who brought King Kong to the screens in 1933, was joined by Austrian bon Erich Korngold. Artists including American Herbert Stothart brought several films to life on the screen including The Gay Divorcee, Charge of the Light Brigade, Je...

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Hysterectomy: The Surgery Women Fear 19 min.

This program covers the indications for hysterectomy: the treatment of cancer and of life-threatening bleeding disorders for which no alternative exists, as well as conditions like endometriosis, cervical cancer, and uterine fibroids for which other treatments may be available. It shows myomectomy surgery and explains its risks; explains that there may be functions of the uterus which are not yet...

Formats: DVD Copyright Date: 1987

John Paul Jones: Captain of the High Seas 46 min.

”I have not yet begun to fight.” These words immortalized the seafaring Scotsman who would side with the Americans in the War for Independence. Naval hero to some, pirate to others, Captain John Paul Jones took on the Royal Navy —and won. This episode of Biography, hosted by Jack Perkins, details the life of this extraordinary man. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (45 minutes)

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Me? Have Another Baby? Preconception Health 3 min.

Mothers are normally more concerned with the health of their children that their own well being, but if you’re not yet done having children, your health is important to the health of your future babies. A Production of the CDC and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). (3 minutes)

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Osteoporosis: What Every Woman Needs to Know 13 min.

This program introduces viewers to osteoporosis through a scenario involving a postmenopausal Caucasian woman who has never given birth and has a family history of severely depleted bone density. Topics include the wide spectrum of risk factors, diagnostic procedures, and approaches to osteoporosis management through dietary supplements, moderate weight-bearing exercise, hormone replacement therap...

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Rethinking Capital: Are There Alternative Economic Systems? 44 min.

As China and Russia adopt their own variants, the reign of capitalism seems absolute. Yet there are many who wish for an alternative and some who claim a final crisis is in the making. Is there a radical alternative that we have not yet discovered? Or is the reality that capitalism is the only viable economic system? The Panel Former Secretary of State for Health Stephen Dorrell, Nobel Prize-win...

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