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Bath Salts and Other Synthetic Drugs: Think About It

Total memory loss of recent events. Hallucinations of monstrous proportions. Horrific violence that has even been known to include cannibalism. Filmed with a primary focus on “bath salts” (synthetic cathinones), this video examines readily available designer drugs that can produce powerful highs while exposing the immensely damaging effects such chemicals cause to the brain and other organs when ingested. A police officer, a toxicologist, an addiction counselor, and a recovering addict talk seriously and frankly about substance abuse and its life-wrecking effects in a way that will make viewers take notice, while a what-if dramatization of a young teen who dies of a bath salts overdose will leave viewers thinking about the power of peer pressure—both face to face and via texting. Contains scenes of drug abuse and overdose. A Cambridge Educational/Endeavor Pictures Coproduction. (18 minutes)

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Introduction: Bath Salts as Drugs
Excerpts from the upcoming program introduce viewers to the horrors of a substance of abuse that is similar to methamphetamine.