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Art Therapy Has Many Faces

Painters like Frida Kahlo have coped with personal anguish through the creation of art, and for people in therapy, art can be an effective way to deal with depression, traumatic memories, and even physical disability. “Art is not just about beauty,” says one patient, “it’s also about hideousness.” This program provides an overview of art therapy—its aims, various approaches, and ways to best facilitate patient creativity—using footage of therapists in action and endorsements from patients who it has helped. The video also profiles some art therapy pioneers, documents its spread to a variety of settings, and lets viewers know what kind of training is needed to become an art therapist today. (56 minutes)

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"Art Therapy, an Introduction"
Judith Rubin discusses her path to art therapy and creating art therapy videos followed by a book. Rubin explains why and how she created the film "Art Therapy Has Many Faces."