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Google Tools for Education

Beginning with a concise overview of the benefits of cloud computing, this video introduces Google’s integrated suite of Internet-based applications while explaining how these tools—powerful, universally available, and free!—can be used to improve learning. Educators and students alike will benefit from a look at the following Google products: Google Search and Google Accessibility; Google Scholar; Google Docs, with its document, spreadsheet, and presentation software; Blogger; Google Earth, Google Maps, and Google Sky; Google SketchUp; Google Groups; Google Reader; Gmail; Picasa; Google Notebook; Google Video, YouTube, and YouTube EDU; Knol; Google Sites; Google Calculator; Google News; and Google Books. A perfect primer! (31 minutes)

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Introduction: Google Tools for Education
Companies like Microsoft and Apple have influenced what people use for work, but have had less influence on how people work. Google has revolutionized how people work. Google has had a tremendous influence on education.