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Twelve: Young Addicts Speak from the Heart

Kat grew up in an alcoholic home. John made drinking the center of his life at a young age. Rene’s parents divorced when he was 5, while Chris and Dante both seemed to have everything they wanted—but all became substance abusers. Through detailed, candid conversations, this program goes inside the childhood memories and emotional lives of recovering addicts who started their habits at, or close to, age 12. Their stories reveal unique qualities and experiences as well as patterns seen over and over again among alcoholics and drug abusers—often involving crime and social isolation. In addition to their pain and regret, the participants also discuss the most daunting challenge of all: the ongoing process of recovery. Contains harsh language. (45 minutes)

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Addicts: Childhood Memories
Adults in recovery recall childhood events and parenting that may have contributed to their addictions.